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To fold or not to fold: exploring the folded Business Card

If you’ve had a chance to look at our recently updated Business Card range, you’ll have noticed that there is something for everyone.You can find papers to make your fingertips tingle, finishes that really do justify a “WOW”, and printing that shows you at your best. If you checked our post celebrating the launch of our portrait fold Business Cards, in the form of cheeky office personalities, you’ll know there’s also now the widest range of sizes to choose from, too. We think it’s quite a spiffing range.

In all seriousness, our folded Business Cards are kind of irresistible…

Multitasking master

Our multifaceted friend here offers twice the space of an ordinary business card and much more flexibility. Of course, these are perfect for loyalty and appointment cards, but to stop there is selling this plucky little fella short.

We’ve seen these used for a variety of creative purposes and we’d love to see what else you can come up with. Folded Business Cards really do open doors where previously they didn’t exist — imagine giving a mini-portfolio or CV to each person at a job interview, or your new exhibition. That dinky little piece of card has turned into possibly one of your most important marketing tools, transforming your Business Card from an instrument for giving your name and number into a powerful way to highlight your work.


Rethinking the Business Card

Not convinced yet? How about letting the folded Business Card tell your story? Use each side to create a narrative about you. A double-sided Business Card is just so limiting… let the folded card take the recipient on a journey of sorts—your photo, why they should use you, your details and even a promo code for your services. It’ll literally be like opening a book you can’t put down.


Merchandising master

Clothing labels, mini-instruction booklets, recipe cards — if you want to show something off to its best, the folded Business Card is your hard working, never complaining, marketing assistant.

Customise yours by trying lovely velvet lamination, rounding off the corners, or giving them a glam edge with our Conqueror Gold paper. Whatever your business, your folded cards will be working hard to show off what you do to its best.


Getting into the yuletide feelin’

If nothing else, the folded Business Card loves a bit of Christmas fun. What better way to jazz up your Christmas gifts this year that customised gift labels? The folded option allows you to create stunning designs for yourself or to resell, whilst keeping the insides blank (or with a custom message) to write on. Just pop a hole in it and you’re good to go! (P.S. We’ve also launched Mini Cards for this job if you’re after something cute!)

Need inspiration? Check out #ProudlyPrinted – The Business Cards Edition.

So what are you waiting for? Go and make friends with

Folded Business Cards

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