6 office personalities we all work with at some point

Names may differ, uniforms and style may change, but at one point or another we all have encountered these types of personalities in the workplace. To celebrate the launch of our new portrait fold business cards, we have created for each character of the office their very own business card design. 

This is a tongue-in-cheek blog, but if you identify with these personalities yourself, or have a story of an encounter to share, let us know by please commenting below! 


The Slacker

It was a little joke at first, but the constant absences without reason grate after a while. Nobody knows what this individual does, but they somehow manage to blag their way through life. They’re also in leagues with the ‘working from home’ lot. A plain and simple design for business cards is most poignant here. 

The Gossip

A dangerous being, typically found in the loos, by the water cooler or waiting for a victim by hovering around the kettle. We do spend the majority of our week at work, so we understand wanting to know the ins and outs of co-workers lives, but whispering about others’ bad dress sense, mistakes, behaviour and so on is not cool. It’s mean. Business cards can be used to scribble down important nuggets of gossip gold, and the new fold means being able to hide information from prying eyes.

The Boss

An entrepreneur, genius, sometimes billionaire and philanthropist, with a million different titles including acronyms. Bosses in the workplace are normally pretty cool to be honest, donning jeans and shirts instead of scary power suits nowadays. They sometimes do that thing where they sit on the corner of your desk and ask how your day has been – triggering a brief period of panic for you. A classic monochrome business card suits their corporate yet cool balancing act. 


The Serial Snacker

Ever had your yoghurt mysteriously disappear? This guy might be the culprit. Their desk is normally strategically situated near the kitchen or fridge, and they have been known to break into lunch at 11am before nipping out in their actual lunch hour. Actually, we all have a bit of serial snacker in us. Not one to judge though, as they always produce incredible cakes at office bake sales. A pink business card design, just like the glaze of a doughnut, is a perfectly fitting tone for their business cards. 


The Brown Noser

A hardworking, ambitious and determined individual who you enjoy working with at first -  until they take the entire credit for a project that technically you worked on more. Buying the boss coffee, having in-jokes with management, you know the drill. Nobody likes a suck up, although business cards adorned with gold stars do look pretty swish. 


The Moaner

They’ve been known to leave passive aggressive post-its. They’re also the one who puts whingy statements in the company suggestion box about people not cleaning up after themselves. Okay, a lot of people moan about work, but there’s always one who puts a negative spin on everything. You can normally spot them from their loud sighing every time they’re asked to do something. A dark tone for their business cards is best suited.


A new portrait fold option has been introduced for business cards. The new cards come in a 110mmx85mm flat, unfinished size and are supplied creased and ready to fold.


*Images not to scale and not real business cards. 


20 Aug 2016 15:21
Very funny - I wouldn't want to admit to being any of them lol!
01 Sep 2016 09:11
And this is why I love being a freelancer!
03 Dec 2016 09:19
28 Feb 2017 11:46
ha ha!!! rings lots of bells ;)
Bryony Bishop
24 Apr 2017 15:08
Sounds very familiar!

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