Product update – rounded corners on leaflets and flyers

It’s finally arrived! The joy of curvy corners has now landed in our leaflets and flyers section of the website. No longer are delights of stylishly-rounded print for the business card crowd alone. No, now you can hand out rounded corners leaflets and flyers with a fresh new (and unintentional-jab-free) look and properly co-ordinate your brand style.

Who doesn’t love a good bit of co-ordination?

Why not try out the joys of matching square business cards and square flyers, all with new super-sleek edges you and your customers will definitely want to run your fingers around?

A fab way to convey your point to passers-by without inadvertently sticking it in their palm. Plus a great new design option that helps you stand out from the crowd and become a more well-rounded individual. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist!)

Get creative, get curvy and try out our new rounded-corners option here.

Rounded corners leaflets and flyers from

Gone round the bend for the new rounded corners leaflets and flyers? Or have some other innovation you’d love to see in our product range? Then let us know on social and the ideas board.


Feeling inspired?

Shop rounded corners now!

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