5 products you didn’t know we printed

We love prints! And at we offer over 95 different products (we know, it’s a lot).

You will have heard us talk about the usual culprits… Greeting Cards, Business Cards and Wedding Invites, but below are a few prints you might not have heard of. So, let’s put the limelight on these 5 unsung heroes!

Table Talkers

Be the talk of the town with Table Talkers. These self-standing, triangular prints help maximise promotional surface space, with three printed sides to catch attention at till points, bars or your wedding tables. Available in four paper stocks, our Table Talkers arrive to you flat with a strip of adhesive for you to assemble with ease!

Table Talkers

Examples of how to use Table Talkers:

  • Specials Menu at your café, bar or restaurant.
  • Wedding Table Numbers or Wedding Table Names.
  • Promotional signage.

Product Care Cards

Care Card prints

Show a customer you care or give them advice on how to look after their product with stunning custom Care Cards. Whether you have a little or a lot to say, our wide range of sizes and papers (17 to be exact) have got you covered.

Examples of how to use Product Care Cards:

  • Instructions or guides.
  • List of what’s included in your product e.g. ingredients.
  • Double-up your thank you note and care instructions.

Roller Banners

Roller Banner printing

From exhibitions to branding and dressing your space, a portable Roller Banner is the ideal solution. Easy to install and printed on high quality PVC, they make your message unmissable. From Desktop Roller Banners to Extra Wide Roller Banners, we have the size and shape you’ll need for your space!

Examples of how to use Roller Banners:

  • Branding up your event or retail space.
  • Sale or ‘we’re hiring’ signage to display at till points.
  • Wedding welcome signage.


Notepad printing

From shopping lists to Calendars, the possibilities are endless with our custom Notepads. With your choice of 50 or 100 tear-off pages, create the perfect place to scribble whenever inspiration strikes.

And if Notepads aren’t quite the right fit for your business then don’t forget that we offer Notebooks too. These wiro-bound essentials are available with black or white wiro-binding.

Examples of how to use Notepads:

  • Daily or monthly planners.
  • Branded stationery.
  • Wedding to-do lists.

A-Size Stickers

A-size Stickers

When bigger is better, A-Size Stickers help you say it loud and clear. These tactile pieces of joy are an easy way to keep your brand front of mind… no matter your business. So whether you’re branding lip balms, candles or larger items such as gift boxes, don’t underestimate the power of A-Size Stickers for brand awareness.

Examples of how to use A-Size Stickers:

  • Hospitality branding.
  • Product labels.
  • To adorn your packaging.

So there you have it. We hope you’ve discovered a few new prints to benefit your next project!

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