NEW white ink: what you need to know

Cyan, magenta, yellow and black have a new buddy and his name is white ink! We’ve added this fifth colour to our printing process so you can reach a whole new level of creativity when how you can get the most out of it.


What’s white ink when it’s at home?
You may be well acquainted with printing’s four main stars, CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black). The entire spectrum of printed colours are made up of these magnificent four…but not white. This elusive beast used to be rarer than a genuine yeti sighting until now.

The kind of white ink printing we offer is what print pros refer to as ‘spot white’. This basically means that the white ink appears as a colour in a design or is used as a highlight in a coloured design, like printing a white flower onto a coloured paper stock, for example. Because white is a light coloured ink, we need to make several passes to layer the ink up and get a stronger colour, which means the finished effect won’t be ‘paper white’ or opaque against the coloured card.

Why go white?
By adding white as the fifth colour in the CMYK printing process, you can enjoy all the colours you normally design with, but on a heavily pigmented substrate. This means getting effects like striking white text on black card.

Using white ink in your designs frees you up to all sorts of exciting creative opportunities. Instead of being limited to white or cream paper stocks, you can use vibrant, brightly coloured stocks and still get white colour in your artwork. Without white ink, the elements you colour white in your design will simply show as the colour of the paper underneath.

Here’s a little white ink inspo for you…

Get set for white ink

Creating artwork with white ink takes a little more jiggery pokery than the average print order. Because it’s a fancy fifth colour on the printing press, we’ll need your artwork file set up in a certain way so our system can read it properly. Without properly formatting your artwork file, there’s a good chance your finished print won’t come out the way you want it to, and that’s no fun for anyone. To make sure you folks can get set up, we created this downloadable artwork guide.

Meet the new white ink paper stocks
We couldn’t introduce something as cool as white ink without providing the paper stocks you’d need to truly get creative. We hunted out the most pigmented, heavy-weight papers we could find so your cards will be as impressive to touch as they are to see. Here’s what we got you:


  • Cosmo pink uncoated

We love a bit of magenta down at, so when we saw this punchy pink number, we couldn’t resist. This is definitely a shade for designs that need to bring the sass.


  • Black uncoated

It never goes out of fashion and it’s slimming! This shade of paper suits luxury brands and those that love a dash of darkness with their designs.


  • Tangerine uncoated

It’s warm, invigorating and undoubtedly the colour of inspiration—turn your print into a tangerine machine with this juicy orange shade. Like Lime uncoated, this is definitely a bold paper choice for a company looking to catch attention with a bright modern vibe.


  • Guardsman red uncoated

A regal red for bold designs. This is the kind of princely pigment that suits both up-market and every day styles. The traditional heritage vibe this paper exudes is warm and accessible.


  • Aubergine uncoated

The rich depths of aubergine skin could be the colour setting for your white ink. This is ideal for those that need something dark and sumptuous to complement white ink, but want to avoid black.


If you’re as excited as we are, head on over to the business cards page and check out white ink for yourself!


13 May 2016 11:43
Oooh love this! Will we be able to use white ink on the kraft card?
13 May 2016 14:19
Hooray! Excellent timing for my business cards! Gold foiling next? ;)
David Fleming
13 May 2016 16:19
Really innovative. I think this will look incredible on darker paper/card.
Lauren Parker
15 May 2016 11:34
Amazing!!! Great to see somewhere doing white ink, can't wait to try this out.
15 May 2016 15:24
a really exciting new addition, definitely need to follow the tutorial closely though. Is it possible to have a sample printed before placing a full order to make sure it's worked?
15 May 2016 21:51
awesome news! Is there any chance that you will extend white ink for your wedding collection or postcards? White ink of kraft is a stationery designers dream!!
Su Mwamba
17 May 2016 15:56
Great addition - but will more cardstock options become available? Would love to print white on kraft background...
17 May 2016 16:38
Cool, great news! Are there any plans to add other stock colours? As nice as these colours may be, they are a tad autumnal and would be nice to see some fresh summer colours, greens, blues, naturals etc. But definately know a client who will love the aubergine!
17 May 2016 17:28
This is great news! I'm really excited! Is it available for postcards / greetings cards / flyers too? Or is it just limited to business cards? Really hoping it will be possible with any product? Does it also mean that designs on kraft paper can have white ink as well? Thanks!
18 May 2016 13:40
very useful tutorial video, the potential options with using white ink are amazing!
18 May 2016 19:39
Planning how to steer a client in this direction so I can test!
Lauren Parker
24 May 2016 17:08
Finally a printers that do white ink, love using you guys so really pleased about this!!
25 May 2016 09:08
Thanks guys for all your comments and positive feedback! White ink is currently only available on business cards but we are looking to roll this out onto other products soon. Kraft paper will also be added to the stocks. Watch this space!

31 May 2016 20:13
Pleased to see this now being offered!!
simon kenworthy
02 Jun 2016 10:53
Exciting stuff, Can I get some sort of sample sent out so can feel the thickness and texture of the coloured stock?
Briony Simpson
03 Jun 2016 15:36
Looks great! Now to find a project for this
08 Jun 2016 22:17
Is white ink only for business cards or can you do greeting cards, too? Thanks
Aimee Richardson
13 Jun 2016 10:19
This looks fantastic! Would this be available to use on Kraft card too?
Matt Chalmers
13 Jun 2016 14:05
A really rich dark blue could be amazing for this, and is something we would be interested in if it gets added!
12 Mar 2017 09:21
love white ink!

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