New product launch - tear-proof leaflets and flyers

Life can be tough, especially if you're a leaflet or flyer. And if you're a leaflet or flyer that's also a menu or reference chart? Boy do you earn your keep.   

We want to give these hard-working prints a bit of a break, so we're introducing a new tear-proof stock that will make it easier for them to shrug-off that every-day wear and tear that can leave them a little ragged around the edges. 

So say hello to Tearproof 318gsm.

The stock itself--strictly speaking--isn't really a paper at all, but is actually a tactile form of plastic that has a similar feel to our silk stock with a matt laminated finish. Not only is this "synthetic paper" 100% tearproof, it's also impressively waterproof, making your prints handily spill-proof and wipe clean as well, all of which helps to keep them looking lovely for your customers and clients. 

This great new stock is now availble in both our flat leaflets and flyers, and our folded leaflets range, so if you have some prints you'd like to stick around a little longer than the norm, why not give this high-endurance hero a try.


**UPDATE** Tearproof is now also available on business cards!

tear proof paper


Tina Mammoser
29 Jan 2016 15:48
This is a really nice option for those of us in rainy climes. :) Especially leaflets with maps and such that people will want to read while walking.
Su Mwamba
15 Feb 2016 07:44
Hmm, I'm sure I can think of some creative uses for this...!
18 Feb 2016 15:44
Couldn't think why this would be useful but maps is a great shout
09 Apr 2016 14:35
Great idea!
18 Dec 2016 12:02
Great product
05 Feb 2017 12:02
great for flyers/menus in bars and would stop them getting tatty

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