How well do you know your fonts? Take the font quiz!

Do you consider yourself a bit of a font fanatic? Maybe it’s time you put your knowledge to the test and took our font quiz from our Blog? Take a look at the sample sentences below and pick which font you think it’s written in. When you get to the end, tally up your score using the answers at the bottom (no cheating, though!) and find out how much of an expert you really are.


Font quiz which font am I? Futura font

A)     Futura

B)     Twentieth Century

C)     Gotham


Fon quiz Arial font answer

A)     Helvetica

B)     Analogue Pro

C)     Arial


Font quiz Helvetica Font

A)     Arial

B)     Newhouse

C)     Helvetica


font quiz: gill sans font

A)     Milo

B)     Gill Sans

C)     Arial


font quiz: times font

A)     Times New Roman

B)     Brigade

C)     Times


font quiz baskerville font

A)     Baskerville

B)     Serlio

C)     Times


font quiz metric font

A)     Metric

B)     Arial

C)     Century Gothic


font quiz silica font

A)     Silica

B)     The Serif

C)     Rockwell

What did you score?

0 – 2                                                                                      
Uh oh, looks like you flubbed your fonts.

3 – 6 
You’ve got fair font knowledge

7 – 8
You’re font-tastic!


1. (A) 2. (C) 3. (C) 4. (B) 5. (C) 6. (A) 7. (C) 8. (A)

Care to share your score? Pop it in the comments box below and get the conversation started.

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