How to make bunting in Photoshop

We love a good wedding here at, and because of this we created the wedding collection so that we would get to spend even more time with all things related to wedding stationery. Even better, to show just how much we like to help our creative community, we have been busy bees making “how to” videos so that you can make your wedding stationery even more snazzy. Since everyone loves a bit of bunting, we thought we would start there.

So enjoy our wedding Wednesday “How to make bunting flags in Photoshop” video.

Enjoy? There’s plenty more where that came from on Feel free to send us your recommendations for other “how to” videos that you would like us to make. If Photoshop isn’t your thing, then let us know the software you would like to be taught on. Make sure to #showitoff on our social channels once you have made something so that we can see it!  

Anyhow, I am off to see how the next “how to” video is coming along but, dear reader, if you feel there is not enough wedding-orientated content for you this fine wedding Wednesday – worry not! Jump over to the wedding stationery hub to ask questions and share your work in the inspiration gallery. 


David Brookes
26 Mar 2014 22:02
Great little video, love the chilled background music :-)
C Hiazos
27 Mar 2014 22:49
Very useful video.
Alex Wilkie
28 Mar 2014 11:54
very cool indeed
Karla Hall
28 Mar 2014 14:04
Thanks for sharing this . . . will now be trying to use on my invitations!
29 Mar 2014 16:48
Will give this a go.
jill tse
31 Mar 2014 18:01
great tutorial :)
08 Apr 2014 17:12
Thanks lovely people! Feel free to recommend any other how too's that will be of use to you. Happy to help, and Dan, our designer who made the video has recently posted a new post about how to avoided any digital printing mistakes, which is rather useful too :)
26 Oct 2015 13:53
love the video tutorials, really helpful :)

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