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How to be the best bridesmaid: tried and tested tips

When it comes to having a wide skill set, Katie Jenner has perfected the art. Accomplished blogger and bridesmaid extraordinaire, she gives us the low-down on how she used her ample knowledge to create her own blog and gives her advice on tackling the wedding day.

What made you set up the blog?
I set up Being the Bridesmaid just over a year ago now. My best friend had announced her engagement and asked me to be one of her bridesmaids. I was really pleased she had asked me, but it dawned on me that I knew absolutely nothing about weddings. I have never been a bridesmaid before! I set the blog up to find out more, so I could be more useful to my friend!

What have been the plus points of blogging?

For me, blogging has become a really fulfilling hobby, and my blog has developed in a way I never anticipated. I want my blog to look professional, so I have developed coding, Photoshop, social media, and SEO skills that I wouldn’t have done otherwise. Personally, I really enjoy chatting to other bloggers and fun brands too—being part of that community is nice!

What have the pitfalls (if any) been?

I wouldn’t say I have experienced any calamitous episodes. I think sticking to a publishing schedule, or feeling like you have to publish all the time, can be hard though, especially when you blog part time. There are a lot of huge, professional wedding blogs and websites out there that churn out five posts a day and have teams working for them. That’s something I can’t compete with!


How has it grown since you started and what have you learned?
Being the Bridesmaid started with absolutely zero followers, on a WordPress hosted blog, and I thought I might keep it going for 6 months or so, just to see if I enjoyed it. Since then, I have upgraded my blog so it is hosted privately, and I have a lot of active followers on social.

I used to look at other big wedding blogs and thought I could never compete—they are often professionals in the wedding industry. Now, I am a lot more comfortable with my tone of voice, and what I enjoy writing. There’s been a lot more ‘ugly bridesmaid dresses’ and jokey posts!


What advice would you give people when it comes to wedding photography?
I spent ages with my friend going around wedding fairs, and researching online looking for the perfect photographer. I think it must be one of the hardest things to choose. I think before you find a photographer, you should look at Pinterest or wedding magazines and decide what photography style you really like.

Make sure you meet the photographer, and have a good look at their portfolio. Photographers often offer packages, but you can order and arrange your own prints, postcards, and thank you cards independently ( have some good options here!).


What advice would you give people one wedding stationery?
It’s all about personal taste really. I am a fan of the classic design—very thick card and nice embossed font. However, it just depends on what your wedding style is. I like the options, because you can just pick and choose what you want and make the style your own!

What advice would you give others in the wedding industry?

I am not a business person, nor do I make any profit from wedding planning. I just blog about what I know and my own experiences. I think the one thing I have learnt if you are planning your own wedding, is that you can go a bit over board, both in terms of cost, and also general stress. There’s no such thing as a ‘perfect’ wedding. Don’t feel you need to copy or buy everything you see on Pinterest. Do what you want!

What advice and tips would you give bridesmaids?

I made the mistake of doing vodka shots after a whole day drinking prosecco on the hen do. That was a mistake, so perhaps don’t do that! Be there to give your friend perspective. I think modern wedding planning is a complete stress, so if there are hiccups along the way you just need to keep things real! Generally, I think helping the bride any way you can, and splitting duties with your fellow bridesmaids is a good idea. Everyone has different skills they can contribute!

Final thoughts

For anyone planning a wedding: venue, food, stationery aside, remember your wedding day shouldn’t be one massive stress. Ultimately, it should be about you and the person you love—with all the people that love you—having a fun time!
For anyone starting a blog: take inspiration from other bloggers that you admire, and if you need help or advice, just ask. I write the blog for myself—if anyone else happens to enjoy it that’s a bonus! As in life, being yourself is best!

You can catch up with Katie on her blog, Being the Bridesmaid. Got any questions? Pop them in the box below!

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