Create custom wrapping paper using posters

There’s nothing you folks like more than getting creative and this very merry time of the year is no exception! Here are a couple of our favourite customer-inspired product hacks for you to try, so whether you’re stocking your store or stuffing stockings, you always have just what you need.

christmas diy wrapping paper print posters

Wrapping paper

Sheets of luxury wrapping paper aren’t just great as a standalone product, they can also be accessorised with Christmas cards and gift tags for a giftwrap set any competitive Secret Santa or conscientious gift-giver would fall over themselves to purchase.

To print your own custom wrapping paper, just upload your fabulously festive designs to a standard A2 poster—they’re uncoated for that modern, expensive feel that all Christmas wrapping paper should have. If you want to get super fancy with it, you can create reversible paper by choosing to print double-sided and including a design on the front and the back. Or alternatively, you can add a bit of branding by putting the paper design on one side and a faint, tiled logo on the reverse.

christmas diy business card printed swing tags

Christmas gift tags

Vintage style luggage tags or swing tags for Christmas gifts are a hot seller during the holiday season, so don’t miss out! You can create your own Christmas gift tags by printing your designs on a business card, then punching the holes and threading them in-house.

For maximum effect, we recommend using a design on one side and a simple message on the reverse that the customer can fill in with the name of the recipient and who the gift is from. You can choose from 11 different paper stocks, square, rectangle or rounded corner cards, so whatever style the rest of your collection, you can create something cool to match. We especially love square Kraft cards for this.

christmas custom label printing

Christmas gift labels

If you’re one of those that wants to make sure that gift label is going to stay put in all conditions, a Christmas gift label is for you. Just print up a sheet or two of our round, square or rectangle stickers with Christmas designs and space to write who the gift is from and who it’s to. These are easy and ever so effective.

If you have any Christmas DIY print products you want to share, pop a comment in the box below and share them!


Mirlah @ Best Day Ever
08 Sep 2015 16:25
Ohhh now there's an idea! Too early for Christmas?
David Brookes-Lennon
08 Sep 2015 18:11
Im so doing this for Christmas :-)
Rachael Lucas
17 Sep 2015 18:33
Amazing! I love it, I will be doing this!
Su Mwamba
22 Sep 2015 06:31
People love original giftwrap (I work in retail & customers do buy sheets of giftwrap to frame rather than to wrap). I've been meaning to make my own for the last couple of years - maybe this year will be the year I actually get around to it... Thanks for the timely reminder!
melanie Green
22 Sep 2015 15:32
Love the wrapping paper idea!
Nancy Farmer
26 Sep 2015 09:30
Wow! I love it! I have had you print gift tags for me before, but the wrapping paper is a fantastic idea :-)
29 Sep 2015 11:53
Such a good idea! I've always wanted to design wrapping paper :)
03 Oct 2015 10:00
I love this idea! This would also be great for wrapping stationery for wedding clients!
Stuart Glegg
13 Oct 2015 07:51

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