Font of the month: Selfie

Welcome to font of the month, September edition. This month, the creatives at are all about selfie by Maximiliano Sproviero, a type designer fresh from the exotic reaches of Buenos Aires. When we look at this, all we can think of is gorgeously retro packaging, wedding stationery and photography with a cool twist.


A little history

Selfie is described as being a connected sans serif that takes influences from the scripts on vintage signs of Galerías, Buenos Aires. These places are, in general, very small shopping centres which pedestrians sometimes use as shortcuts to get to other parts of the city.

Selfie sets out to prove to designers and typographic enthusiasts that geometry isn’t always a bad thing. In fact, the curves of this particular script were founded on perfectly shaped circles, making it easy to be used at different angles without any danger of deformities or irregularities that might draw the eye. It was designed to champion ‘purity of form’ over the conventional ‘thicks and thins’ of calligraphy.


User’s manual

Before you dive in and start designing with font, here are a few tips and recommendations straight from the designer himself, Maximiliano:

  • Adding some lights/shadows between letters will make this more eye-catching. Words will look as if they were made with tape/strings which will score you some real cool points.
  • Try using this at a 24.7º angle so that the slanted strokes become perfectly vertical.
  • Having the decorative ligatures feature (dlig) activated makes the letters ‘dance’.
  • It is recommended that this font be used with the standard ligatures feature (liga) activated. It makes letters ligate perfectly and also improves the space between words.


Have you tried designing with Selfie? Pop a link to your designs in the comments box below and show everyone how it’s done.


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