How to get crafty this Christmas

If there is one thing that makes the build-up to Christmas even more exciting (other than the promise of presents), it is the opportunity to get crafty. Decking the halls seems way more fun when you create the boughs of holly yourself.


Christmas crafts come in all shapes and sizes, from making your own cards to decorating the tree in your handmade goodies. At, we fully support getting crafty at Christmas, so thought we would put together some ideas for you. We’ve included everything our creative minds could find, from easy crafts and crafts for kids, to the more unusual and complex.

Grab your PVA glue and toilet roll tubes—we’re going on a crafty Christmas adventure.

Easy crafts for Christmas

You don’t have to be a creative mastermind in to get involved with crafts for Christmas. Visitors to your home will marvel at your creative new decorations, whilst you rest safe in the knowledge that they took you less than 10 minutes to make.


  • Cut paper cards
    If you want to create something rather unique and modern-looking, how about some cut paper greeting cards? This is about as easy as it gets when it comes to Christmas crafts. Simply find yourself some green card, cut out some strips, and stick them onto another piece of card. Don’t forget to add the snow!
  • Hanging shoe rack advent calendar
    This is one of the best (and easiest) Christmas craft ideas we have seen in a long time. Invest in a hanging shoe rack and add on the numbers using paint, chalk, fabric, wood—whatever you like. Add some wonderful treats for everyone and you’re all set.
  • Snowman lampshade
    You know those round, white paper lampshades you can get from all good home stores? You can use these to create giant snowmen to hang in your home. Buy one large and one medium (for the head and body), then add on some paper eyes, buttons and carrot coloured nose. This is super easy and looks fantastic in any home!

These easy crafts for Christmas are guaranteed to keep you busy for a while. They will also transform your home into a festive wonderland. If you want something for the kids to do, or need more of a challenge, then keep on reading as we have plenty more ideas.



Christmas crafts for kids

Want to give the children something to do during the Christmas holidays? Getting them involved in Christmas crafts is a great way to keep them occupied when you need to be working or getting on with other things. None of these Christmas crafts for kids require scissors, so they should be fairly safe and risk-free (as long as you don’t mind paint up the walls and on the carpet, of course!


  • Snowman Christmas cards
    These cards are a great project for kids and gives them the opportunity to hand out something homemade to their friends. Just hand over some folded card, a sponge and some white paint, then watch the magic happen. You could even get some Christmas stickers to add a more personal touch.
  • Paint your own baubles
    This is yet another easy Christmas craft idea for kids that doesn’t involve any sharp objects. You can buy plain plastic baubles from most hobby stores or Christmas shops, along with paint that will work on plastic or glass. Let your children’s imagination run free with their very own baubles. They’ll be so proud to see them hanging on the tree.
  • Personalised Christmas labels
    Children love being involved in all aspects of Christmas, including wrapping presents. Use old photos or cut up greetings cards to create gift tags and labels with a difference. You can also just use scraps of card and plenty of paint (and glitter)! This is a super easy project that will keep kids occupied for hours.

If you’re short on time but love the idea of personalised Christmas gift labels, just pop in and visit our site for a couple of sheets of the slick, printed variety.

One other idea is to create a Christmas hands wreath, although this involves scissors so will need supervision. Simply trace around everyone’s hand and then cut out lots of copies, to glue together in the shape of a wreath. Pin it to your front door and show off your family’s creativity with pride.


More complex crafts for Christmas

These more complex crafts for Christmas are a truly unique way to wow your friends and family with your creative talents. You may even have to start making them to sell on, once people ask where you bought such wonderful decorations.


  • Christmas origami
    If you’re a whizz-kid with your hands then you probably already know a thing or two about origami. Get festive by creating Santa, snowmen, reindeer and even Christmas trees. There are plenty of guides and inspiration on Pinterest, so get struck in!
  • Paper woven star
    Want something unusual to hang on your tree? How about a star woven using paper from vintage books? These may be a bit fiddly to make, and involve tearing up old books, but they look absolutely fantastic when they’re done. If you want to know how to do it, then there’s a full blown tutorial here.
  • Pop-up Christmas cards
    If you want to make unique Christmas cards for your friends and family, try your hand at pop-up ones. Although making a basic Christmas tree one of these is fairly easy, you can make it harder for yourself by creating more complex festive scenes. Who is going to try their hand at a pop-up Nativity scene, then?

These ideas are more complicated than the others above, but if you’re already a creative person they will probably be a breeze. However, if they do turn out a bit of a mess then you can always print Christmas cards with us—we won’t tell a soul. Check out Tips for successful selling at craft fairs this Christmas if you want to became a pro!

Which Christmas crafts will you be trying out this year? Leave a comment in the box below and let us know!

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