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The ultimate guide to creating your 2021 Calendar

Want to create the perfect printed Calendar?

Whether it’s for corporate gifting, Christmas presents for friends and family or for resale, we’ll walk you through the process of creating your ideal design. We make Calendar printing easy: whether you’re looking for printable Wall Calendars, Desktop Calendars or Calendars for your business… we’ve got you covered. We even have a whole host of free templates to get you started – so what are you waiting for?

2020 has been a strange year, but now it’s time to look to the future and get all your important dates for 2021 written and down and ready!

Why create a 2021 Calendar?

Whether you’re a business, a solo creative or a retailer, Calendars are a great way to keep your brand front of mind all year long. The best part is, almost every human needs one – sure, smart technology has meant that a lot of our diaries have moved online, but nothing beats putting pen to paper and hanging up a Calendar so it’s in view at all times.

2021 calendars

Ok, so you’ve decided to create a Calendar for 2021. Great! Now what?

First of all, decide on the type of printed Calendar you’re interested in. Will it be a Desktop Calendar? Single Page Wall Hanging Calendar? A Thumb Cut Calendar? We have a whole range to explore so let’s take a closer look…

Desktop Calendars

Whether you’re continuing to work from home or finding your way back to the office in January, no workspace is complete without the perfect Desktop Calendar.

Working from home

You could fill each page of your 2021 Calendar with the standard grid of 30+ days, or you could shrink this element and use half the space for an image, or even a ‘to-do-list’.

All our Desktop options are finished with strong wire binding and have a thick cardboard support to make sure that it keeps its shape no matter what your work-life throws at it.

Photographic printed Calendars

Calendar Printing

If you’ve got photos you want to showcase throughout the year, why not use them in a Calendar design for 2021?

Choose a Double Page Wall Calendar and display a full-colour printed photo on the top page with your months below. It requires little design, but it looks great hanging on any wall! Perfect if you’re a photographer looking to spread your brand or just someone who has memories they want to share over the next 12 months.

Add a Foiled Cover

If you’re looking to really stand out, you can always add a little shine with Foiling. Whether you’re a business looking to impress, or you’re creating for resale, Foiled Covers make the ideal choice. With a range of shiny colours to choose from, you’ll find the Foil to fit your design even if it’s branded.

You can add Foiled covers using our Bespoke service here.

Calendars you can write on

2021 calendars

While there are so many different formats to choose from, the most important thing is that it needs to be easy to write on. Consider using uncoated or textured papers and creating a simply monthly design with plenty of space to allow people to fill in their important dates and reminders.

Motivational Calendars

Want to inspire your customers? Why not create a small Single Page Wall Calendar or a Thumb Cut Calendar and feature half of your design as a motivational quote and the other half with your months? You can choose any quotes you like, and half the fun is in sourcing them!

Creating your design

Once you’ve decided on the purpose of your Calendar, think about how it’ll look. Depending on who you are, your design will have different needs. For example, if you’re creating corporate Calendars to give out to clients and customers, you’ll want to make sure that your branding is front of mind and on every page. So be sure to include on every spread:

  1. Your logo
  2. Your brand colours
  3. An inspiring image or quote that relates to your business

If you’re creating for resale, make sure your logo or website is visible on each page too!

Important dates

You’ll want to do a bit of research around which important dates are relevant to your customers. Of course, you’ll include Christmas and all the important bank holidays (because everyone wants to know when they’re getting a day off!) but what else might you need to consider?

  1. If you’re creating one for education, think about term dates and inset days.
  2. Creating a business design? Think about important events related to yours, like exhibitions and trade shows.
  3. If you’re a charity, why not include important events that you support, like races or fairs?
  4. If you’re creating for resale, have a think about your audience. Would they find it beneficial to know about events like Black Friday?
  5. If you’re in the hospitality sector or provide services like hairdressing, why not include your key sale dates or promotions?

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