6 ways to get creative with postcards


As some of you may know, I love postcards. Like really love them. Maybe not as much as my cat, but a close second.  I sat down for an espresso and a chat with design critic, Stephen Bayley, to bond over our mutual postcard appreciation. He also said he liked my bright duck egg-coloured coat. Good taste that man, good taste. 

When started offering  long run postcard printing,  I was rather excited. It meant that I could order more postcards, for less. #winning

So, just what can you do with postcard printing? Below are some of my favourite examples.



If you think flyers are a bit flimsy and you want something more textured and hardwearing,  then postcards are for you! Photographer? Use some of your images on your postcard handouts. Etsy seller? Pop a postcard with your business details and a lovely design in with your customer’s order and voila!  


High art

The Royal College of Art do an annual secret postcard sale. Whats the secret? You buy a postcard but aren’t told who painted it until afterwards. Not only do you have the opportunity to purchase amazing paintings by world renowned artists, but you can also get art by future world renowned artists—the RCA students themselves.


Intimate art

I love PostSecret and if I thought I could get anyone to join me, I’d set up a post secret, as I’d love to see what you creative bunch could can up with! For those not in the know, they are postcards that are sent anonymously and feature art, quotes and if you’re lucky, very juicy secrets which are revealed by the poster.

Photography and exhibition offerings
Postcards aren’t just for the seaside! The A6 size of a postcard is perfect for people who want to take away a piece of art without having to worry about getting it onto the bus ride home or breaking the bank. With a postcard, someone can take away a print or painting and treasure it forever.



Save the date  

Postcards work amazingly well as save the date cards. They can feature a photograph of the couple for a personalised touch, or a stunning hand-painted design by some professional wedding stationer. Either way they are the perfect size to be kept on the fridge.


Direct mailing
Postcards were born to be posted through the letterbox and this makes them the perfect direct mail tool. Put some amazing branded design work on the front, some messaging on the back, post it to your audience and let the postcard work its magic.


What do you use postcard printing for? Share your designs on our social channels using the hashtag #showitoff. If we’ve got you all excited and you’re ready to get your postcard printing on, then pop over and browse our postcard ranges: photography postcards, luxury postcards and standard postcards. Remember, with long run postcard printing you can get more for your money!


David Brookes
05 May 2015 11:47
I love postcards and all the uses they have :-)
05 May 2015 13:10
I use postcards for save the dates and as little compliment slips to handwrite a thank you note and pop in with my finished orders too. They're so versatile!
05 May 2015 23:48
I love postcards - I've got a collection of vintage ones that provide endless inspiration.
Stuart Glegg
08 May 2015 16:45
The power of the postcard! Good ideas
Su Mwamba
19 May 2015 12:05
I often include a postcard printed with detail from one of my collages as a little extra with orders - something the recipient can either keep for themselves or send on to someone else, but always with that handy little link to my website included! (Also, slightly harder to lose than a business card!)
melanie Green
26 May 2015 10:04
I love postcards, I include one with all my orders. The customer feels like they are getting something special and they can be a better reminder of my business then a business card as often they end up pinned to the wall!
02 Apr 2016 08:34
I'm a big fan of using postcards now :)
29 Mar 2017 12:15
I also like to use them as a personalised compliment note with orders.

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