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New: White Ink on Kraft Paper!

Introducing White Ink on Kraft Paper!

You spoke, we listened…. We’re excited to announce that our boldest finish, White Ink, is now available to print on Kraft paper!

This popular finish has been available on five striking papers for a while now, but you told us you wanted more! So, if you’re looking to bring a contrasting white finish to your rustic, handmade Kraft print creations, look no further.

Ready to shop White Ink on Kraft, or on our five specially selected paper stocks?

White Ink is available on Leaflets & Flyers, Postcards and Business Cards, but if you’re looking for a different product there’s always the option to go Bespoke too.

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Want to know more? Take a read through and get to know what makes White Ink special…

White Ink on Kraft

Bring Wedding Stationery to life with White Ink on Kraft Paper

What actually is White Ink?

White Ink is the extra exceptional fifth colour in our printing process which will take your designs to a whole new level of creativity. Get to know White Ink and how you can get the most out of it, right here…


How is White Ink different to normal print processes?

The entire spectrum of printed colours is made up of cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK), but not white. This elusive beast used to be rarer than a genuine yeti sighting until now.

The kind of White Ink printing we offer is ‘Spot White’. This means that the ink appears as a colour in a design, like printing a white flower onto a coloured paper stock, for example. Because white is a light coloured ink, we need to layer the ink up and get a stronger colour.

By adding white as the fifth colour in the CMYK printing process, you can use vibrant, brightly coloured paper stocks and still get white colour in your artwork. Without White Ink, the elements you colour white in your design will simply show as the colour of the paper underneath.

What papers are available to print with White Ink?

This sophisticated and striking finish doesn’t just offer you the exciting new challenge of designing for White Ink printing, it offers you a range of five uncoated, highly-pigmented coloured papers with it, plus Kraft!


White Ink on Kraft and five stocks

Cosmo Pink Uncoated

For designs that need to bring the sass, this punchy pink number is definitely the right shade to pick.

Guardsman Red Uncoated

A regal red with a princely pigment that work for both up-market and every day styles.

Black Uncoated

This timeless classic shade suits luxury brands and those that love a dash of darkness with their designs.

Urban Grey Uncoated

Edgy, sophisticated and classic, this paper works for both out of the ordinary and chic designs.

Navy Blue Uncoated

This pigment is ideal for those that need something dark and sumptuous to complement White Ink, but wants to avoid black yet still exude quality.


With rustic charm in abundance, if you’re looking to add a handcrafted feel, Kraft’s the paper for you.

White Ink on Kraft

How do I create artwork that’s White Ink ready?

To make sure your print goes perfectly, download our handy White Ink guide.

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Is there anything else I need to know about White Ink?

White Ink is extra special, it has a four day turnaround time – and it’s available with a range of delivery options (including standard and courier).

Have you used White Ink in your designs? We’d love to see! Tag us on social using the hashtag:


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