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Wedding stationery printing – making a comeback in 2021

With the future looking bright for weddings, there’s no better time to jump-start your wedding stationery printing. At, we’ve got everything you need for the big day. From Save The Dates and Invites to Table Plans and safety Signage, it’s all here!

To celebrate bigger weddings making a gradual return this year, we spoke to some of our amazing wedding stationers about their comeback plans for 2021. Read on to get inspired!

As a wedding stationer, how has Covid-19 affected your business over the last year?

Image credit: Jones and Joy

Paper Willow: When the first lockdown hit, I started painting again and selling non-wedding things like Notecards, Notebooks and letter writing sets. I think everyone started writing to each other during this time because the demand was huge! made thousands of beautiful cards for me and it kept me very busy. Though it was very worrying wondering whether my wedding business would ever recover, I did enjoy the chance to develop new designs and finding new things to sell.

Jones and Joy: After the initial shock of the situation and helping my clients rearrange, I worked a lot on my brand during my newfound free time. I created lots of new designs and used the last of my money to get them printed. I took new photographs, created new content and updated my website to try and at least keep my online presence alive.

Little Bird Weddings: It has been a very challenging year work-wise, but the lack of business did mean I was able to focus more on my children. I always believed (and still do) that the wedding industry would pick back up again once restrictions are lifted, so I felt it was more about riding the storm than giving up on my business. It has given me time to work on some new designs and product ideas.

PaperGrace: One of the biggest challenges this last year has been customers understandably wanting much smaller orders. This has been hard for my business, as profit margins are very small on smaller quantities (sometimes not even breaking even). I never want to say no to couples, as it is obviously not their fault that they are being forced to have a restricted wedding! So instead of a minimum order per item, I have offered a minimum order of 25 items that could be grouped together, ie, invites, RSVP and details cards.

How have you adapted your product range during this time?

Paper Willow: I branched out into Notecard sets, Notebooks and letter writing gift sets. My most popular designs have been wildflower meadows and forest cards. I’ve had them printed on beautiful Gesso card and paper and I’ve achieved several best seller badges on Etsy with them.

Jones and Joy: I adapted my whole freelance business model and started an Etsy shop to sell Greeting Cards. I also pivoted my wedding stationery business to include branding and general graphic design services. I have created some really lovely business stationery designs, including Gift Cards which became really popular before Christmas when gifting season commenced. Also, I worked on some logo and brand design projects which was a refreshing change.

Little Bird Weddings: With a lot of couples having to postpone their weddings, I adapted my designs to create ‘change the date’ cards. I offered these at a discounted rate in the hope that it would help ease the stress of postponement. As the year went on I decided I needed to branch out slightly, so in the run-up to Christmas, I created a seasonal shop and sold packs of Christmas Cards, Gift Wrap, Gift Tags and decorations. I really enjoyed selling Christmas stationery and it was good to feel productive.

PaperGrace: I have made use of any spare time by designing 10 new wedding collections as I wanted to be ready and waiting with fresh new modern designs. I’ve also got a brand new website launching at the end of the month, which I can’t wait to share – so I have actually been fairly busy over the last year.

Big weddings look set to make a return come June. What do you think are going to be some of the core trends this year?

die cut wedding print

Image credit: PaperGrace

Paper Willow: I think that outdoor weddings or at least weddings where being outside is a big part of the day are going to be popular. I did some lovely wedding stationery for a couple in Washington State who are having a virtual wedding on a flower farm. The brief for the stationery was to get people excited to join a virtual wedding event. It’s going to be so memorable for them! Wildflowers are set to be a big trend again this year. I also think dried flowers could be a big theme too.

Jones and Joy: I’m really enjoying the minimal style at the moment. I find myself pulling away from floral and am feeling more drawn towards simple, elegant designs that focus on fonts and space. I’ve noticed a slight shift in the metallic foil trends too – I can see gold overtaking rose-gold again, which I’m really pleased about because I much prefer working with classic gold and silver colour schemes.

Little Bird Weddings: Since January this year I have seen a very positive rise in enquiries and bookings. It’s nice that people are starting to feel more positive about weddings! I’ve had a lot of interest in my new pocketfold designs and my abstract watercolour designs are still proving very popular. I think couples are now looking to find eco-friendly ways of celebrating their wedding, wanting to make sure that their stationery is recyclable but also using sustainably sourced papers. I think there’s also an increasing interest in personalised stationery with watercolour illustrations of venues, churches, maps and elements very personal to the couple.

PaperGrace: Monochrome weddings are still a huge trend, with black, white and grey featuring heavily within stationery items. Make way for Die-Cut shapes, be it circle/semi-circle, arch/ half arch, seen in Invitations, on the day stationery such as Menus and place names and wedding signage.

What do you think will be the singular most important piece of Wedding Stationery printing this year?

Image credit: Little Bird Weddings

Paper Willow: I suspect that couples will opt for beautiful upbeat Wedding Invitations to announce their long-awaited dates.

Jones and Joy: I definitely think ‘on the day’ stationery will be making a big comeback. I think couples have found things like Table Plans and name tags kind of unnecessary for such tiny restricted weddings. But with limitations being removed this summer I really think couples will begin to embrace these traditions again. There’s nothing better than seeing your work in-situ at a real wedding, and that’s something I’ve really missed over the last year.

Little Bird Weddings: I’m secretly hoping that ‘on the day’ stationery will be a focus this year as I have really missed making Table Plans, signage and Order of Services. I think a lot of people want to make the wedding day itself that extra bit more special after a difficult year for everyone.

PaperGrace: I think some couples will have waited a long time for their wedding day to arrive, so they will want to go all out on the big day itself. A Die-Cut wedding welcome sign is an absolute must-have for 2021 weddings, styled with a gorgeous flower installation making a huge statement.

When it comes to choosing papers and special finishes, what are you likely to recommend your clients? 

Wedding day print

Image credit: PaperGrace

Paper Willow: Because my work tends to be quite rustic and watercolours-based I normally recommend Gesso papers because it looks like watercolour paper. I also like using Kraft brown envelopes and cards too, and I love Envelope Liners as I think they really lift a set of stationery. 

Jones and Joy: When it comes to wedding stationery printing I’m a big fan of the Recycled Silk paper stock (and I’m all for trying to be more eco-friendly with my products!). I also love Tintoretto Gesso, it’s such a classy paper type and I love that there are matching envelopes to go with it. I am also a fan of digital gold and silver Foil and find that it is quite affordable in comparison to other foiling options.

Little Bird Weddings: I often recommend Folded Invitations to my clients as I think they package nicely with additional insert cards contained inside. I think as a guest it’s nice to open up a folded invitation and find more information inside rather than a simple flat invite.

PaperGrace: We are a huge fan of Foil here and using heavier cards such as a 540gsm or 700gsm, which will create luxurious stationery that can be treasured forever. To help create a jaw-dropping set of stationery I would also recommend layering several pieces (Die-Cut items such as the arch work great here) to create a high impact look and luxurious combination which your limited number of guests will love.

With government guidelines constantly changing, how have you supported your clients during this time? 

Image credit: Jones and Joy

Paper Willow: I’ve created lots of postponement cards and change of date cards. I’ve also kept hold of everyone’s files so they can be reprinted easily with new dates. A lot of couples have contacted me asking if they can come back fo reprints when they are ready. I’m not going to delete anything!

Jones and Joy: I know that a lot of my couples have had to spend more money to postpone their events, and some have lost deposits with some suppliers who they had to re-book. So I’ve tried my best not to add to that financial stress. I’ve done one or two reprints, but also quite a few digital invitations for couples to email out to their guests without incurring any extra costs. I’ve got great relationships with all of my clients so have been checking in periodically just to see how they are doing and remind them that all the heartache of rearranging will be worth it in the end.

Little Bird Weddings: I have tried to offer my clients support and thankfully it’s easy for me to be flexible. I don’t employ anyone and I have quite a fluid booking system to allow for changes. I haven’t been able to help until my couples have been given new dates but I have emailed to offer my help and to let them know I’m here when they need me.

PaperGrace: I have wanted to help my couples who have had to postpone with their wedding stationery. So right from the beginning I have offered a free ‘change the date’ digital PDF design (in the style of their original invitations) to any of my past customers that have had to postpone their wedding as well. Or alternatively, if they still wanted to send a printed version to their guests, I have offered to print the cards at a heavily discounted price.

What tips and advice can you offer other wedding stationers who are planning ahead this year?

Paper Willow: My main tip would be to go international. Different parts of the world are unlocking and getting back to normal sooner than others. There are lots of couples in Australia and the USA who are looking for wedding stationery printing and they are great to work with.

Jones and Joy: I think keeping up appearances on social media has been a big help for me. Keep posting, keep creating content, keep engaging with people and reminding your audience that you are still there working hard ready for weddings to return.

Little Bird Weddings: Hang in there! I think there will always be a hunger for bigger weddings and a party and as soon as restrictions allow business will pick back up. Diversify where possible but don’t give up on the industry.

PaperGrace: I think the best words of wisdom are to stay positive and be prepared. I also feel the community has supported each other in the recent challenges and I really see this spirit continuing.

How do you plan to manage the influx of client requests for wedding stationery printing as weddings return to normal?

Image credit: Little Bird Weddings

Paper Willow: One of the things I’ve done over the year is to design a new website with lots of new collections. The new site should make it easier for couples to place orders and to order what they need. Because has a fast turnaround I know that I can keep up with the demand. 

Jones and Joy: I’m bracing myself for a lot of early mornings. I find that an early start is the key to a productive day, and I am going to need a lot of them when wedding season finally arrives and I have to juggle my full-time job with all my weddings again.

Little Bird Weddings: I’m not sure I have done much planning ahead for an influx. I have my wall planner and I have been reviewing my booking and ordering process, so I’m as ready as I’ll ever be!

PaperGrace: Preparation is always key for wedding stationery printing and with new designs and website, I feel ready. So when weddings return to normal I can put my heart and soul into completing orders for all my lovely customers.

No matter the size of your big day this year, we have a full range of wedding products so you can be print ready. Discover all of your wedding stationery printing needs in our dedicated Wedding Print Boutique.

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