Top five calendar design tips

Unless the apocalyptic Mayans were right (fingers crossed they weren’t!), 2013 is just around the corner so it’s time to start planning your calendars. They make great gifts for clients, friends and family but sometimes it can be difficult to get your calendar design right.

If you’re sending calendars off to clients and potential connections, you have to remember that this is an ideal opportunity for you to ensure that your brand is at the front of their mind for the whole year. The last thing you want to do is to send off a boring calendar consisting of the same generic corporate images that will make your brand forgettable. You want your calendar to stand out and hold people’s attention.

One way you can do this is to commission a freelance designer from our Design Central Gallery to create something unique for you. But if you’re planning on designing your own calendar this year, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Decide on a theme

Whether it goes with the general theme of the company or is a more interesting concept that appeals to the tastes of your target audience, make sure the theme is obvious, consistent and as appealing as possible. No one will want to use a calendar that has the same corporate images month after month.

2. Choose quality over quantity of images

More images do not necessarily mean a better calendar. In fact, too strong a use of colour or too many images can result in a headache on paper. Instead, find the right images that fit with your chosen theme. Customised photography or commissioned graphics is one way to achieve this but if time isn’t on your side, we recommend stock imagery from a company such as Bigstock.

3. Make it a portfolio!

This is a particularly good idea if you’re using your calendar to represent your business. Use each month as an opportunity to show off some of your best designs, products or services.

4. Go for a usable date display 

Your calendar doesn’t have to be focused around the generic grid, but if you’re looking to design a more original display make sure it’s still legible as well as attractive. Your calendar has to be functional in order to be of use throughout the year. You could also use the date display to highlight your company’s upcoming events and promotions.

5. Consider how many pages you need

Most calendars will come with a one page per month format. Overall, this will make it easier for you to get your company’s message across more effectively, but with you can also opt for double-sided printing. This will allow you to have the same effect, but as it uses less paper, it makes your calendars more environmentally friendly.

If you follow these top five tips, the end result will be a more effective and inspiring piece of marketing material, rather than just another way to remind clients what day it is and to keep on top of scheduling. If creativity is not your forte you can find a designer, illustrator or even photographer for your new calendar in the Design Central Gallery, where you can browse through some of our featured artists and contact them about your ideas directly.



Pure Vinyl
05 Dec 2012 11:56
Great tips guys, really helpful
27 Nov 2015 08:51
Useful tips to bear in mind :)
29 Nov 2016 16:10
calendars are such a great promo tool, great advice

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