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We wanted this year to be about innovative product launches, and alongside clear stickers, wrapping paper, specialist collections, and envelope liners, (yes we know we’ve been very busy!) there was one that you guys had been dreaming of for a while, and we brought the goods – the white ink family is here.

This sophisticated and striking finish doesn’t just offer you the exciting new challenge of designing for white ink printing, it also brought a range of seven uncoated, high-pigment coloured papers with it. Find out what members of the white ink family are available, and why white is right for your print.

What is white ink?

The entire spectrum of printed colours is made up of cyan, magenta, yellow and black (CMYK), but not white. This elusive beast used to be rarer than a genuine yeti sighting until now.

The kind of white ink printing we offer is ‘spot white’. This means that the white ink appears as a colour in a design or is used as a highlight in a coloured design, like printing a white flower onto a coloured paper stock, for example. Because white is a light coloured ink, we need to layer the ink up and get a stronger colour, which means the finished effect won’t be transparent against the coloured card.

By adding white as the fifth colour in the CMYK printing process, you can enjoy all the colours you normally design with, but on a heavily pigmented substrate. You can use vibrant, brightly coloured stocks and still get white colour in your artwork. Without white ink, the elements you colour white in your design will simply show as the colour of the paper underneath.

Luxurious leaflets & flyers

White ink printing is a way to stand out in the sea of generic marketing materials. Make your mark with luxury leaflets and flyers; perfect for graphic designers, retailers, hoteliers and event organisers who want to catch the eye with bright, pigmented paper with a clean, crisp finish.

Perfect postcards 

Whether you’re creating portfolio handouts or promotional direct mailers, striking white postcards will help set the standard impossibly high. If you fancy showing off some artistic flair or need something rather seasonal, white ink is the graphical greatness you need on your postcards.

Beautiful business cards 

Become a business card big shot with white ink. There’s no better way to make your card stand out, and with the choice of coloured paper stocks, suddenly your business card goes from a small calling card to striking design.

You can try your hand at a spot of white ink printing by ordering leaflets and flyersbusiness cards and postcards

*White ink is classed as a fancy finish, and therefore takes a few extra days to be processed. Therefore, orders after 16/12 for white ink cannot be guaranteed for Christmas delivery.

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