The rise and rise of metallics

Whether it’s the copper kitchenware, glitzy dresses, blingy watches or gleaming ornamental pineapples (yes really), metallics have been having quite a moment in the spotlight. But why is this trend so prevalent that it has transcended from catwalk and interiors and into stationery? And more importantly, is it here to stay?


Why did we go mad for metallics?

It’s not like our love of all things shiny is anything new, with ancient civilisations such as the Aztecs and Egyptians adorning themselves in gold and gems. But it can be argued metallics are so ‘du jour’ right now because of the association with precious metal and having luxury and glamour in our lives, especially in times of difficulty and turbulence. It’s a reassuring nod that we’re doing okay, particularly when it moves from bling and glitz and towards mottled finishes and warmth. Back in 2011 metallic glimmer was spotted on the runway and in key home furnishing trade shows by Pantone, cropping up again in the Fashion Colour Report Fall 2014, this time with cool tones of silver, gunmetal and gold. 

Our love of metallic truly exploded in early 2016 when space-aged clothing hit the rails. Everyone out there had silver boots, with world leading trend forecaster WGSN linking this increase in metallic boot sales to the ‘Bowie’ effect. And just like all good trends, metals trickled their way from runway into our homes and into the arms of high street stationers, with John Lewis and Paperchase both stocking diaries with gilded hues right into present day.


The explosion of rose gold

That just about covers why gold pineapples and space-age silver footwear got a shoo-in, but what about the explosion of rose gold? Well, credit here goes to the richest tech company in the world, Apple.

While it’s not a metallic staple, rose gold has become the ‘en vogue’ shade of the moment thanks to the $10,000 Apple Watch, followed by iPhone 6s in 2015. Buzzfeed proclaimed the Internet lost its damn mind over this release. Nowadays rose gold isn’t a limited edition, it’s a staple of the electronics industry with laptops, headphones and smart tablets all adopting a soft pink shimmer.


Are metallics sticking around?

From Hennessy launching a luxury (with silver and textured gold foil packaging) limited edition cognac to Charlotte Tilbury, whose rose gold two-year old make-up line is storming through department stores in the US and Canada; they demonstrate that metallics are a way to get noticed, and are here to stay put.

According to trend forecasters, ’80’s chic will be the biggest trend of 2017, thanks in part to having a controversial celebrity turned Republican in the White House (déjà vu anyone?), as well as Stranger Things, Star Wars and a number of 80’s classic TV shows reboots in the making. The strapless metallic mini dress, a staple of an 80’s wardrobe, will be resurfacing then, as will rhinestones and anything remotely futuristic.  

Art Deco glamour is additionally set to experience a moment in the limelight this year, with lots of mirrored reflective surfaces and brass accents ready to re-enter your home.   

According to Craft Business foiling still has plenty of traction, with a number of high street shops releasing ranges of foiled stationery. When you consider designing graphics or stationery, monochrome palettes and bright florals scream seasonal. Metallic tones hold longevity while other trends begin to transition, which makes it an ideal collection to work on as it’s simple, chic and timeless.


How to embrace metallics with printing

Ideal for adding a touch of luxury to wedding stationery, or making a statement on greeting cards and invitations, you can discover a world of possibilities with foil. Whether it’s a subtle hint to accent your designs, or you’re making a bold impact, give your designs that finishing panache with gold, silver or copper metallic accents and catch all the attention. 

Let your creativity shine and shop now:


What are your thoughts on metallic? Are you embracing this trend? Let us know by commenting below! 


David Brookes-Lennon
03 Feb 2017 17:20
I can't wait to get started with foiling
Naomi Smith
06 Feb 2017 10:43
I adore metalics, I think they make the finished products look really pristine and high quality. (I think I'm also a bit mad for copper in my house. )
08 Feb 2017 11:11
I love that you're doing foiling now! I really like copper too.
Keziah Herbert
15 Feb 2017 15:33
Cant wait to try your foiling and already love your metallic print stickers!
Ian Clennett
17 Feb 2017 07:42
Off to see a client today - this is right down her street... Thanks
Larissa Hirst
22 Feb 2017 12:19
Metallics are such a key trend right now, and from your comments we can see it isn't going anywhere soon!
22 Feb 2017 13:10
never tried foiling, reading this has given me some ideas
Katherine Larcombe
05 May 2017 13:45
I'm a sucker for metallic! Love this!
18 May 2017 09:03
definitely adds a touch of luxury, great.

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