Strike a pose: top tips for street fashion photography

Successful street fashion photography should appear effortless, captivating and on-trend, but this can often be easier said than done. How do you snatch shots of ensembles or statement pieces that can captivate audiences and demand to be shared? We got in touch with three (incredibly well-dressed) experts to get you the low-down on perfecting the art of street fashion photography.

Ella H. Photography

Ella is a London-based fashion/lifestyle photographer and blogger with a passion for collaborating with brands and other fashion bloggers.

Ella says:

Watch the trends/compositions and experiment. Watching the trends on Instagram is one of the most important things for me. Analyse the images of the people you follow and see why some of them are so successful. Surprisingly most of the time it's the simplest compositions that have the biggest effect and the most likes. The current trend leans more towards simplicity and clean geometrical compositions.

Once you have identified a certain look and feel of popular images, try and create them yourself and be inspired by other creatives. I often see the subject (may it be a cat, a person or an object) in the centre of the picture. Try and play with the positioning of your subjects, maybe instead of centre, position it in the left corner and see what happens to your image. You will soon see what is most popular with your followers and you will get a feeling for image composition.

You can see more of Ella’s photography on her blog



Lucy from Shiny Thoughts 

She may only be twenty-something, but Lucy already has 4,557 followers on Intagme and her blog, Shiny Thoughts, has been featured in national magazines and well known brand promotions.

Lucy says:

Mix up your Instagram feed so that your shots look awesome both in a grid and in a line. Post a full-length outfit followed by a shot of your clothes laid out from above mixed with lifestyle items like a bunch of flowers or your pet, followed by a crop or item held up in the air to keep your feed looking fresh!

You can find more inspirational stuff on Lucy’s site.


Stephi LaReine 

Stephi is a pink-haired, 20 year old Graphic Design & Photography student from Liverpool. Her lifestyle and fashion blog has 2,398 followers and her work has been featured in magazines across the UK.

Stephi says:

In the age of digital photography, people do not take enough photographs, technology has advanced far beyond the expensive darkroom, do not be afraid to take too many photographs. When I am working with multiple people in one shot, it's important that I take well over enough to compensate for blinking, talking, facial variety, movement and getting the technical aspect of my photograph correct. I apply this to everything, when I'm out and about, particularly when moving I create a lot of camera shake even when I think I'm still, so I always hold the shutter to allow at least 5 photos per composition to justify one of them is a sharp crisp photograph.

A lot of new photographers stay standing upright when taking street style photographs and their subjects fall victim of having large heads, big shoulders, short legs and tiny feet, for an accurate depiction get about mid-body height, and it will elongate their body to the correct perspective.


If you have any of your own fashion photography tips you think everyone should know, leave a comment in the box below and share up!


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interesting article
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