How to make your Facebook ads pay



David Brookes-Lennon
07 Feb 2018 20:08
I need to start using Facebook ads again. I used to use them so thanks for this blog reminding me about how good they are.
08 Feb 2018 11:24
I find facebook such a powerful (and mostly free!) tool. Linking instagram posts with your facebook page increases the audience hugely too.
Flourish and Luxe
09 Feb 2018 08:02
This is such an interesting article. Thanks for the tips!
09 Feb 2018 08:29
social media is such a powerful tool, I've just saved the download link pdf as will be very useful for future reference - thanks
Bryony Bishop
09 Feb 2018 12:04
It's not something i've ever used, but some great tips in here. Maybe I should start!

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