8 utterly terrible font puns

We’re sorry. We really are. One thing led to another and before we knew it, we were brainstorming up all these terrible font puns and chuckling to ourselves. This blog post was written and posted without consideration as to whether or not you’re that type (*ahem*), but we think you might be.

So kick back, take a little light relief from the day and enjoy this selection of truly terrible font-related puns.

…but I did not shoot the deputy. 

I shot the serif font pun


Start the DeLorean, it’s go time! 

back to the futura font pun


For the nonchalant punsters out there

fine, see if I kern font pun


Time to update your font choice?

Get with the times font pun


I can see it in your eyes

Helvetica, is it me you're looking for?


Because sometimes people just don’t get it

You wouldn't ampersand font pun


Prepare to smash your guitar 

Rockwell? I certainly do font pun


RiRi would be so proud

We font love in a hopeless typeface font pun


If you still want to be friends after you’ve read this, leave a comment in the box below, share one of these puns socially or get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.



David Brookes-Lennon
30 Nov 2015 13:31
ha ha (if only I could use the monkey emoticon)
Su Dore
01 Dec 2015 11:44
The default font...
Svelte Design
01 Dec 2015 19:32
Good work - but your missing VAG rounded - can't think what that would look like...
02 Dec 2015 08:27
My wouldn't ampersand!
Keziah Herbert
07 Dec 2015 16:14
It...makes my brain...bleed...
28 Jan 2017 14:32
ha! these are really funny!

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