Font of the month: High Tide

Prepare to meet the October font of the month! The hipster in you is about to throw its tiny, plaid hands in the air and spill its artisan coffee, because this month’s font is something of a trendy choice. Say hello to High Tide, the mind child of Portuguese designer, Filipe Rolim. And better yet — it’s free!

High Tide font

The lowdown
High Tide is an all caps, decorative typeface that gives logos, headlines, titles and posters the hipster album artwork treatment. It comes in a versatile family of three varying weights: regular, bold and original.

Filipe says he created High Tide in order to have a “more alternative font to use in [his] projects.” The regular font is riddled with lots of special effects to really excite the eye and capture the imagination. 

Designed anything using High Tide? Pop a link to your designs in the comments box below and show everyone how it’s done.


31 Oct 2015 21:54
LOVE these - am a complete font addict!!
04 Nov 2015 23:08
These are pretty cool, definitely see them used for album artwork!
18 Nov 2015 10:05
Brilliant thank you
28 Jan 2017 14:24
really like this one

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