Collaborations: a match made in heaven for creatives and stationers?

Collaborations are everywhere. From clothing ranges to toiletries, brands and businesses across the globe are realising the potential of collaborating with designers, celebrities and influencers alike, to give their products a competitive edge, and add a USP that no other business in their field can lay claim to.

Brands like Birchbox (pictured above) often team up with designers to add a unique spin to their ranges, marking these as limited editions to even further push the exclusivity of their collaborations. But what about stationery? Can the same ideology be applied to printed goods? Whilst it’s not as prevalant in stationery as it is in fashion, brands like Moleskine are  already blazing trails with their collaborative ranges – proving that this approach is not only effective, but sought after.


Could a collaboration work for you?

Ok, so teaming up with an A-list celeb on your next greeting card range might be a bit of a stretch, but with so many talented creatives at your fingertips – thanks to the internet – why not consider a paired effort with another likeminded creator in your field?

Collaborations for creatives with stationers, product examples.


Getting started with collaborations

First of all, you need to work out the benefits of your collaboration, so when you reach out you have a solid proposition.

If you’re a print designer, for example, teaming up with someone who creates pin badges or jewellery could be a mutually beneficial move. How you work out the financial side will of course be down to you and your collaboration partner, but start with a clear proposition and what you’re hoping to get from your partnership.

Once you know what your collaboration will look like and what the benefits are, it’s time to find some artists, designers or brands to collaborate with.

Put the word out on your social channels and let people know that you’re interested in potential collaborations. If you follow any designers or artists on your social channels, get involved with their conversations and start to build a presence. That way, when you ask for a collaboration opportunity, you’re not going in cold.

Follow group hashtags where creatives come together and explore new relationships in this space. Groups on Facebook like In Colourful Company are also a great place to start to have those conversations.


Collaborations for creatives with stationers, product examples.

What could you create?

The possibilities are endless for what you could create, but if you need a bit of inspiration, here are a few places to start:

  • Design limited edition greeting card ranges, featuring both of your unique styles.
  • Team up with someone who creates things like pin badges or clothing, and design the product packaging, and influence the design.
  • Create an entirely new product – for example, if you sell wedding stationery, why not team up with a bridal boutique to offer ‘bridal goody bags’ featuring their products, your branding and influence and more?
  • Team up with a green warrior, to give your products a renewable edge. Reach out to vegan companies, and offer to create a renewable, organic range of cards or prints.
  • Find an artist who’s print you love, and team up on creating something for a new range – perhaps notebooks or stationery products?

Once you’ve got your collaboration underway, don’t forget to shout about it! Pop a Postcard in with your deliveries to let people know about your new collaboration, or tease it on social media before you launch. Offer your loyal email subscribers a sneak preview, or a discount on the collection to get people talking.


Image credit: Ted and Kip collaboration


Have you ever collaborated with any other creatives or designers before? Let us know in the comments below or check out our #ProudlyPrinted section!

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