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Be a cut above with Laser Cutting


Get laser-precise and create artwork with a true wow factor thanks to laser-cutting. Discover all the products you can laser-cut, the behind-the-scenes process, and the artwork requirements to be a cut above the rest!

What is laser cutting?

A high-powered laser is used to cut materials commonly through optics to direct the beam of the laser to create your design. The beam then burns through the surface, leaving a high-quality and accurate finish which is perfect for super-intricate designs. It’s ideal for cutting out hand-written text, lace-like creations or simply cutting shapes and images into print.

Yes we did mention the process of burning paper. Have a look at our video and you’ll see there’s a few teeny tiny flames created by the precise lasers working hard to create designs, so please remember the edges of laser cut creations have a slightly burnished edge.

What’s the difference between laser cutting and die cutting?

Die cutting uses a machine part to cut through the substrate, in our case paper stock. So the shape is already there for the technology to make the cuts, which means it’s typically a bit speedier. However, the part needs to be created first when die cutting while with laser cutting it can be continuously readjusted for quick runs and changes, and it can also handle more fussy, trickier patterns. There’s plenty of pros for both and it all depends on what finish and turnaround you’re after.

Give your print a makeover 

The three products laser cutting is currently available on are:


When it comes to high impact print, the delivery is just as important as the message, so handing out thick, expertly printed postcards show that you mean business. If you really want to knock their socks off, laser cutting will set the standard impossibly high.

Greeting cards

The sky is the limit for your creative card creations, especially with laser cutting now available to glam up greetings.

Invitations (flat and folded)

Your invites are in good hands if you’re after a luxurious finish. Create invitations that everyone will be inspired by and have the edge over others with laser cutting.

Paper stocks 

Laser cutting is available on seven paper stocks, so there’s plenty of variety for your work. Choose from Silk, Uncoated, Recycled, TruCard, Fresco Gesso, Gesso, and Laid. If you need advice on paper stocks, visit our guide here.

Turnaround time

Laser cutting is extra special and therefore takes a little more time, so please allow five days turnaround orders.

Helpful tips

If you’re looking to laser cut certain print such as text, remember that for some letters the middle will be cut out, i.e. O. This middle part is called a counter, so if you want it to remain intact, use a stencil-like front, or leave a join. Our artwork guide has lots more information to help you out with tips like this or check out Blog.

Now you’re ready to think outside the box and get shopping for laser cutting!

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If you need a little more inspiration, check out what some our customers created when we held our own Laser Cutting Competition!

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