Future design: V&A curator Mariana Pestana on cutting edge design and technology.

We've seen sonic speed developments in technology over the last decade. So how do the possibilities impact upon design and its role in the world moving forward? 


Arrest All Mimics podcast connoisseur Ben Tallon tells us about why he covered this topic: 

“Last year's 'This Time Tomorrow' exhibition at the World Economic Forum was based on the theme 'The fourth industrial revolution' and curated by V&A museum's Mariana Pestana. Mariana joins me to talk about the work featured, including the much discussed Radical Love by artist Heather Dewey-Hagborg, a 3d print of imprisoned Chelsea Manning, a transgender U.S. Army soldier convicted of espionage after leaking documents to Wikileaks.

“This Time Tomorrow's six scenarios will present a leap into a potential future and foster debate about their consequences as well as posing pressing questions about the future we choose to create.

“Mariana Pestana is a fascinating lady with big ideas, working closely with the V&A following her work with The Decorators, a multidisciplinary design practice working with local authorities and public institutions to design, produce and deliver community building interventions in regeneration areas. 

“Episode 45 is not to be missed for those wishing to feed their creative output with the most cutting-edge ideas and technology.”



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04 Nov 2016 09:59
Thanks - great series.
07 Nov 2016 09:13
these blogs are very good
18 Feb 2017 11:12
fascinating interview
19 May 2017 20:55
Great podcast! Very interesting quest!

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