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6 tips for creating standout POS and retail displays

Spring has finally sprung and summer is just around the corner at last. And with the warm weather comes loads of opportunities to sell, sell, sell! But how do you make sure your POS and display are working hard enough to bring those all-important customers in and get them spending on your sales and promotions? Check out our top tips for making the ultimate impact right here…


1)      Choose your colour wisely

Whether it’s a sale, event or promotion, make sure you choose popping colours that’ll catch the eye. Consider how each element of your POS works harmoniously together too – a clash of bright colours is likely to look unprofessional and deter customers rather than draw them in.

Think about your base colour. If it’s a sale, will you be using classic red? Perhaps you’re dressing your POS or display for a special promotion or event? Consider using one main colour throughout, whether that’s on your PostersBannersStrut Cards or Flyers, and carry the theme across each piece of media.

Make sure each element, whether it’s images, logos, branding or text is easily readable and visible to passers-by or to customers in your store – even if they’re at the furthest point from your POS.



2)      Brand your entire space

You might be confining your sale or promotion to one area of your store or space, but consider bringing elements of it throughout your space to encourage customers to shop. This could be Desktop Roller Banners at your till point, Table Talkers on your shelves or tables, or Banners in your windows or behind the counter.

The key is not to overpower your space, but keep your message consistent.


3)      Consider reusable promo

If you’re hosting a generic sale, for summer or to clear your old stock for example, an affordable way to spread the word is with branding that can be used time and time again. Roller Banners are excellent for this, as they pack away quickly and easily and can be reused whenever you need them.

If you’re planning on using your promo on more than one occasion, remember to keep your messaging generic, avoid specific dates or seasonal colours, and keep your messaging simple. A simple, bright, sale banner on a bold coloured background is generic enough to be used year-round. The same applies to generic branding too. If you attend exhibitions, or just want to make a permanent feature in your space, brand up a Roller Banner or two for portable branding that’ll stand the test of time


4)      Go bold!

If you really want to catch attention, consider using Self-Adhesive Vinyl to brand your wall space. Ours come in a multitude of finishes, from semi-permanent to reusable and removable and even clear for your shopfronts and glass displays. Remember to think about how your wall promo ties in with the rest of your store or space– if you create artwork that’s too busy, it could be off putting for your customers and end up detracting from your products or services.

Display Boards are also an affordable option for sales, promos events and quick branding solutions. In a choice of mounting options for in and outdoor, they’re easy to hang and remove in seconds, making them perfect for short-term sales and events.



5)      Go direct

If you really want to get those customers in, a storefront display might not be quite enough. Consider flyering in your local area, or sending direct mail to your customer database.  Postcards and Leaflets are ideal for quick, short run promotions, or you could create a batch of Saddle Stitched Brochures with your top offers to post to your customers. If you trade online, be sure to include details about your upcoming promos and sales in your packaging and delivery bags to let people know.


6)      Think outside your store

Why keep your sale a secret? Create your own free-standing Flags and take your promo to the next level. Our Flags are designed for both in and outdoor use, so if you really want to shout about your sale, they make the perfect choice for when you need to catch attention, and you need to catch it, fast.

Ready to create the highest impact POS and retail displays? Check out our dedicated Retail Collection for everything you need.

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