10 Pinterest accounts you need in your life

Get your scrolling finger ready because we’re about to bring the pins! Here’s our list of top 10 Pinterest accounts that you need in your life. 

Kayla Meyer
If you’re browsing the blog, chances are you love nothing more than the marriage of great print and design. If that is indeed the case, Kayla’s Pinterest account is going to be your new feed-scrolling obsession. Her account is an incredible collection of printed products, so if you need to print something and are stuck for inspo, Kayla will hook you up.

Stephane Sommer Pinterest Accounts

Stephane Sommer
Attention all UX/UI fanatics, Stephane’s account is about to rock your world. The Paris-based designer is your man for icon design, visual data displays and clean, user-friendly graphics. Even if this kind of design doesn’t float your boat, his pins are so insightful that you can’t help but be drawn in.

Creative Bloq Pinterest Accounts

Creative Bloq
You read the articles, now pin the pins! Creative Bloq use their Pinterest account to dish out design resources, tips, inspiration and the odd freebie here and there. Definitely a staple account in every creative’s Pinterest feed.

Jeff Andrews Pinterest Accounts

Jeff Andrews
Jeff Andrews’ Pinterest account is a treasure trove of vintage-inspired designs and is an absolute humdinger for anyone into that specific style. Everything from illustration, typography and signage to advertising, television and children’s books; anyone digging those vintage vibes may want to think about giving him a follow.

Jenna Lorraine Chambers Pinterest accounts

Jenna Loraine Chambers
There’s no better social site for crafters to get their hands on new and exciting projects than Pinterest. If you’re one of these, Jenna Loraine Chambers is right up your street. Her account is sprinkled with your usual inspirational design tidbits, but has the added benefit of being craft-oriented too.

Kazuya Arakawa Pinterest Accounts

Kazuya Arakawa
Lifestyle and lux litter Kazuya’s Pinterest account, making it brilliant when you need to capture that high-end magazine edge in your photography styling and framing. You can expect to see beautiful rooms, furniture and web design in among some very neatly kept staples, like illustration, web design and branding.

Laurent Duserre Pinterest Accounts

Laurent Duserre
Art Director and Web Designer, Laurent, makes our top ten for the tattoo and collage pins that he throws into the mix. Yes, you’ll find all your favourite inspiration pieces, but his focus on additional art forms, like architecture and street marketing gives us something else to think about—sometimes you need to break away from the norm, you know?

Nick Karn Pinterest Accounts

Nick Karn
This Pinterest account gives you the added benefit of Photoshop laughs, nerd pins, graffiti and music appreciation, so it’ll mingle seamlessly with other content in your feed, while still feeling totally relevant. Because there are some things only a graphic designer gets, am I right?!

Essi Pinterest Accounts

Do you crave the satisfaction of perfect neatness and organisation? The pleasing tingles that come from everything having its proper place? Essi’s Pinterest account will really tickle your fancy. Aside from the gorgeous neatness of her boards, she uses her account to explore loads of different art forms, like DIY, conceptual, hair and make-up, along with the design essentials.

Design Quixotic Pinterest Accounts

Design Quixotic
This is the Pinterest account that all girly girls should have in their lives. It’s chock-a-block with design ideas and useful snippets, but everything this Brooklyn-based Art Director and Designer pins is lusciously pink and pretty. It’s like a lovely cake. But on Pinterest.

Are there any we’ve missed? Pop a link to some of your best Pinterest account in the comments below and bring a smattering of joy to a creative feed near you. Also, if you are a bride and need inspiration, check our Pinterest Account for Wedding Inspiration.


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