10 graphic design memes you can’t live without

They said they want it by tomorrow morning? She asked if you could do it for free? He chose which font? Whether you’re venting on Facebook, getting stuck in on Twitter, or just sending a cheeky message to a friend, these are the 10 memes you need in your arsenal.

1. When friends and relatives try to hit you up for freebies

2. Dealing with the onslaught of wannabe “graphic designers”

3. The pick-up line every designer needs…

4. Dealing with samey font choices

5. For all you perfectionists out there

6. When you go full design geek and miss the point


7. You can’t help but voice your (regal) disapproval

8. Trying to explain your career choice

9. Because sometimes people need to be schooled…

10. No more revisions. None.

Have you used one of these memes or have your own selection of favourites? Share up in the comments box below and get the chatter started.


Sam Miller
02 Oct 2015 16:26
Oh yes! I'm loving No.9 – that mugshot and 'font' together, nice combo! Great way to finish my working week, with a chuckle. Now I'm going to play on Twitter...
David Brookes-Lennon
02 Oct 2015 22:54
ha ha to number 8
03 Oct 2015 09:59
So true - and definitely how my parents see my job!
07 Oct 2015 11:25
these are really funny!!! :D
13 Oct 2015 07:42
Everyone is a graphic designer! I often get "my daughter/friend/great aunt is good at drawing and she's done this, can you turn it onto a logo"
Emma Simpson
19 Oct 2015 16:55
Haha these are great :)
Grant Joiner
11 Nov 2015 16:01
Love these ha ha ha
28 Jan 2017 13:43

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