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Digital Foil Printing

Let your creativity shine. Give your designs an extra special edge with Digital Foiling. Craft invites that get everyone excited, sentiments that really glisten with gorgeous Greeting Cards, or catch all the right attention with metallic Business Cards that everyone will want to pocket. With seven decadent hues to choose from, creating your print, your way has never been easier.

Get to know Digital Foiling

At, we use Digital Foiling to create stunningly intricate designs with foil. Unlike letterpress and traditional Foil Blocking - which uses metal blocks to press foil onto your chosen paper stock, Digital Foiling doesn’t require the use of plates – it’s printed directly from a file on the computer. This means you have more freedom with your designs, more choice when it comes to printed colours and designs, and ultimately, no set up costs, making it far more affordable than traditional methods.
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Discover how you can use foiling...

Digitally Printed Foil results in a flat print product, without any texture or embossing. Once printed, we finish all of our Foiled Print with Velvet Lamination (you can choose either one sided or double sided, but whichever side you choose to add foiling to must be Velvet Laminated). This protects your foil from slipping or scratching, giving you a durable, hardwearing finished product which stays looking as shiny as the day it was printed.

Digital foiling is available in seven colours, silver, gold, rose gold, copper, red, blue and green – on Silk, Uncoated and Trucard paper stocks. If you’re looking for something out of the ordinary or for want to use a luxury paper stock, fill in our quick and easy Bespoke form. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours with a quote.

Helpful hint: As Foiling is extra special, it has a 4-day turnaround time.

Top Tips

To make sure your print goes perfectly, read our Foiling artwork guide, or watch our quick tutorial on setting up your artwork for Foiling.