What is the difference between leaflets and flyers?

It’s a conundrum that we have often wrestled with here at just what is the difference between leaflets and flyers? It can’t be anything to do with low or high print quality, as we offer both at nothing less than superb standards. So maybe it depends on the purpose – whether that’s promoting a pizza restaurant or listing prices at a highbrow art exhibition. Maybe design is the deciding factor, or paper weight. In the interests of clearing up this gnarly issue once and for all, we’ve come up with a fun quiz to show you whether you need leaflet printing or flyer printing.



C Hiazos
11 Apr 2014 11:23
Looool! Good one.
Ive never really wondered what the difference was between the two but now I know.

I have to give it to, you guys do a great job.
Adam Smith
11 Apr 2014 13:10
You guys are brilliant. This did just waste 2 minutes of my very important day though!
11 Apr 2014 18:39
Very funny!
12 Apr 2014 13:28
Alex Wilkie
14 Apr 2014 14:32
terrific , i traversed that whole diagram for nothing :-)
David Brookes
14 Apr 2014 23:28
HA HA, I fell for this :-)
15 Apr 2014 16:15
Very informative, thank you! :)
09 Mar 2016 12:17

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