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Wedding stationery product shots: 3 things you need to know



Good wedding stationery product shots are arguably one of the most important factors in securing new business for your wedding stationery company, along with the product itself. Whether you have your own site or sell in an online marketplace, it’s crucial to make sure that you’re doing everything you can to sell your services and decent product shots are the thing that will encourage the initial stages of your professional relationship to blossom.

We asked around our photographer buddies and got together three essential tips for the wedding stationer looking to create effective, romantic and business-inspiring shots for their own stationery. This is what we discovered…

wedding stationery product shots natural light

Natural light
This is every photographer’s best friend and is going to really bring your product shots to life—find a window away from direct sunlight for that perfect, soft lighting. Your shots may come out looking grainy if you don’t have enough light, but you can combat this by making reflectors from cardboard and kitchen foil to bring illumination into areas that look too dark.

Show the stationery in context
Sometimes just the wedding stationery itself isn’t enough—you have to be able to make the happy couple imagine how it would look when it’s opened by the recipient or laid out on the table with the decorations. As well as close-ups of the luxury papers and designs, try to include a few shots of your stationery surrounded by confetti, dressing a table, or even along with the full suite to get their imaginations going.

Top tip! We’d recommend using a tripod to remove camera shake.

wedding stationery product shots fishing line

Let your personal style show
One of your best selling points is your own personality and style, so let it shine through!  You can use props or textures and surfaces below the print to help you convey an idea or feeling to prospective clients. Play it to your advantage and have fun! Use Blu Tack to hold props and products in place or try suspending them using fishing line to create some interesting effects.

Now that you’re filled with inspiration, we recommend going off and having a play with angles, product positioning and props to create your own money-making product shots and check the latest trends here.  Share a comment in the box below and let us know how you got on.

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8 comments on “Wedding stationery product shots: 3 things you need to know

  1. Su Mwamba on

    I’m very photographically-challenged but have a new digital camera and will be working on my product shots ‘soon’. 😉 I think the tips above are relevant to all kinds of product photography (not just wedding-specific) so I will do my best to take on board…

  2. Sophia Williams on

    Very helpful!! It is very essential part of product shot & I agree with “Su Mwamba” that it is not specially relevant for wedding but very useful for all kinds of products. Thanks for sharing these lovely ideas.



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