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The secret to acing industry events

Ever seen a blog post or Instagram alert pop up about the next big event in your industry, and spent some time pondering whether to go or not? Whether it’s an industry conference, exhibition, seminar or event, the answer is…GO.

The business you’re in, or about to get into, will no doubt be partial to getting together to mull over what’s going down in their industry town.

Social sales strategist Warren Knight is all about nifty networking:

“I recommend acquiring customers by positioning yourself as an industry expert and speaking at events where you know your target audience will be”. Ok, so maybe you’re not quite ready to stand on stage and squint nervously in front of the lights and eyes of eager onlookers, but that’s ok. You can always be an eagerly-eared listener instead of a speaker.”

Speaker or not, head to these events laden with business cards and hand them out left, right and centre to get your name out there. And, whilst the gift of giving is great, be sure to enjoy being on the receiving end too. These events are all about meeting the right person at the right time. That means, you could be the right person for someone’s business or even they could be the right person, at just the right time for yours. So, whether you’re going to an event, hosting your own, speaking or just listening, here are three good reasons to GO, GO, GO!

L plates
L is for Learner. Sure the world of the web can teach you a whole lot these days, but there’s a lot more to be said for interacting with the experts and peers in your industry face to face. Note down the questions that come to you in the dead of night or whilst you’re dropping the little ones at school and ask the experts. You’ll only learn to be an expert by choosing to learn as a learner.

Inspiration for the nation
Everyone had that teacher that conjured such wonderful classroom experiences you simply sat wide-eyed behind your desk, in awe of their passion whilst they spoke so eloquently about rock erosion. Put yourself in that position again…well, not geography class perhaps. But hearing what conference speakers have done to make their business successful might just trigger your own motivation to do something better. Meeting successful people will inspire you to reach a similar level of success for yourself.

You’ll have fun when you get there
Did anybody else’s mum always say that to them? It can seem daunting or even perhaps the worst way to spend a Friday afternoon, but honestly you really will have fun when you get there. Firstly, it’s a good way to skip work without actually skipping work and feeling guilty. Secondly, everyone should factor time for networking and learning how to develop their business, because that’s just as important as getting that email out before 6pm.

What industry events have you been to that have been successful? Do you have any tips for networking? Let us know by commenting below. Oh, and remember to get your business cards printed beforehand. We also have two dedicated events and exhibition collections to get your print prepped in no time.

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