#ProudlyPrinted – The Easter Edition

Easter has arrived! And with it comes a long weekend, unlimited chocolate and an abundance of spring inspiration from our #ProudlyPrinted – The Easter Edition.

However you’re spending your long weekend, we’re making it even sweeter with an injection of gorgeous designs from our very own customers. So kick back, grab a cuppa an obligatory Easter egg and get inspired!

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About Face Illustration

Image credit: About Face Illustration - proudly printer easter edition - #ProudlyPrinted - The Easter Edition

Image credit: About Face Illustration


Nothing says Easter like cute animals – and About Face Illustration has it nailed this year. Her monochrome designs bring a contemporary edge to the usual colourful Easter abundance, making for a refreshing piece of art that would look as at home on a mantelpiece as it would in a gallery. About Face has loads of designs that we adore, but these are just two of our favourites.


Proudly Printed - Image credit: About Face Illustration #ProudlyPrinted - The Easter Edition

Image credit: About Face Illustration


Jessica Tarling

Proudly Printed by Jessica Tarling #ProudlyPrinted - The Easter Edition

Image credit: Jessica Tarling


We’re certainly feeling ready to embrace the new season (once we’ve eaten all of ur chocolate, of course) and Jessica Tarling’s pastel hued, floral designs are certainly helping us get in the spring mood. We love the muted shades and intricate design – and although we’ve included this in our Easter edition, we’d have these gorgeous prints in our home year round!


Charli Tait

Image credit: Charli Tate proudly printed easter at printed.com

Image credit: Charli Tait


Ok, so apart from the chocolate, hot cross buns are the second best thing about Easter, right? Charli Tait certainly agrees with us, she’s celebrating a lovely pair of buns with this awesome card! (oh, and not forgetting to say the obligatory Happy Easter too…)


Rachel Summers

Image credit: Rachel Summers - proudlyprinted #ProudlyPrinted - The Easter Edition

Image credit: Rachel Summers

Ok so amongst all the buns, chocolate and spring fever, Rachel Summers is taking a moment to reflect on the true meaning of Easter, and say a thoughtful Hosanna with her simple, but beautiful cards.


Betsy Bunny and Friends

Image credit: Betsy Bunny and Friends proudly printed at printed.com - #ProudlyPrinted - The Easter Edition

Image credit: Betsy Bunny and Friends


How adorable are these from Betsy Bunny and Friends? They specialise in high quality Giclee prints especially designed for Nursery/children’s bedroom decor, plus Thank you cards, New baby cards, blank cards and gift wrap. If you want to add a beautiful theme to your Nursery, or you’re looking for the ideal gift, head on over to their website to shop a gorgeous collection of illustrated animals.


Image credit: Betsy Bunny and Friends proudly printed at printed.com - #ProudlyPrinted - The Easter Edition

Image credit: Betsy Bunny and Friends


Petal and Bird

Image credit: Petal and Bird, printed by Printed.com

Image credit: Petal and Bird

These gorgeous thank you cards have been created by Petal and Bird, a bespoke paper flower company. With all of her flowers being hand created, bespoke to order – these bright bold and beautiful cards perfectly encapsulate the joy of her bridal bouquet recreations.

Gemma O’Neill

Image credit: Gemma O'Neill - proudly printed by printed.com #ProudlyPrinted - The Easter Edition

Image credit: Design: Gemma O’Neill – Photograph: In Klöver


Injecting a bit of fun this Easter is Gemma O’Neill with her ‘Have a cracking Easter’ card. Featuring the not so typical Easter dinosaur, hatching from a cute speckled egg, we think this little dino baby is the perfect accompaniment to our Easter celebrations.


May Summers Perkins

Image credit: May Summers Perkins - proudlt printed at printed.com - #ProudlyPrinted - The Easter Edition

Image credit: May Summers Perkins


Eggs, bunnies, flowers, bunting.., could a card get more easter-y than this beautiful design from May Summers Perkins? We love her hand-drawn style and the added fun elements she’s included. It’s the ideal card to celebrate!


We hope you enjoyed our #ProudlyPrinted – The Easter Edition

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