Meet the paper: Nettuno

Welcome to Monday’s ‘Meet the Paper’ showcase! This week we’re going a little decadent and taking a look at our gorgeously textured Nettuno paper stock.


What does it look and feel like?

Crisp and clean, yet soft and inviting, with fine-lined markings. The last word in understated elegance, with lines more condensed than our Laid paper.

What’s it great for?

Uncoated, textured paper stocks like Nettuno are great for Invitations or luxury Postcards. The subtle, yet eye-catching texture elevates simple print, making even the most basic of designs stand out.

We love using Nettuno paper for Certificates too – the subtle texture adds an air of elegance that leads itself well to achievements and recognition.

Why not pair an uncoated paper stock with a Nettuno Belly Band for a subtle texture shift that’ll highlight and elevate your print?


What products is Nettuno paper available on?


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