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In the last decade, the Internet has grown into one of the most powerful marketing tools for large and small businesses alike. Through use of the Internet it is possible to keep the profile of a business in the public eye almost continually, advertising it through websites, ad placement, blogs, articles, social media sites, and other creative media. In today’s hyper-connected world, a business that does not use the Internet to market its goods and services is already a step behind its competition.


Using visual aids in online marketing

Visual marketing elements have become increasingly important as more and more business moves into the virtual world. From the choice and placement of images in advertisements to the design of websites and social media pages, the value of visual marketing elements as a means to draw and hold the attention of customers both old and new is undeniable.

Visual aids improve the quality of online marketing in a variety of ways. The proper use and placement of visual aids can help to emphasize the message being delivered about the product or business. Visual aids can also help to clarify important information about goods or services, and stimulate a sense of excitement for the product when customers and potential customers visit sites or social media profiles. Visual aids also exert a degree of subtle control over the audience, drawing their attention in and holding it.

Types of visual aids

The visual aids that may be used in online marketing include photographs and graphics, animation, video, vlogs, and audio/video podcasts. Photos and graphics are the simplest form of visual aids. They add color and context to almost any subject; they can illustrate uses for a product, and when submitted by customers, they can demonstrate customer satisfaction in a tangible way.

Podcasts are a dynamic way to bring the written word to life for existing and potential customers. Online marketing firms such as MediaWhiz and MediaWhiz competitors strongly urge their client businesses to include blogs or articles as a part of their website marketing strategy, and a video podcast is an excellent way to accomplish this. The ability to engage the customer and deliver valuable information – as well as give the company a “personality” – can have a major effect on the quality of lead generation and will accelerate business growth.

With the possibilities of uploaded videos “going viral” in a matter of hours, proper promotion of a good quality video can be a marketing dream come true. Video can be utilized as a marketing tool in a variety of ways, including video blogging (also known as vlogging), product demonstration, and customer testimonials. All can serve to engage the viewer, hold their attention, and deliver the necessary information to generate quality leads, draw in new customers, and thereby increase profits.

Using visual marketing on social media sites

Social media sites are an emerging front in online marketing, and are arguably the best place to make use of visual aids. A number of social networking sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, as well as photo hubs such as Pinterest, offer ample opportunity to post photographs and other images, audio and video files, and other media. Sharing and promoting through friends and networking with similar business on these sites can send a business’ brand into the computers and smartphones of thousands, and even millions of people around the world.

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