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How to use Instagram for wedding decorations with a difference

When it comes to pleasing the modern bride, quirky is the name of the game. If it’s not unique, personal and one-of-a-kind, it’s unlikely to make the cut. With that in mind, we’ve looked into ways that you can indulge your guilty pleasure (Instagram) and create something unique that doesn’t hurt the wallet and deprive anyone of that extra tier on the wedding cake or the better, more expensive of the two DJs. You can invite Instagram to the wedding, and here’s how…

Instagram photo place cards

Put that stockpile of family photos to good use by printing them up as Polaroid-style prints and jotting guests’ names on them— instead of finding a standard place card, they’ll be greeted at the table with their own mug shot. You can also accessorise existing printed place cards with an Instagram sticker, using a photo of the person’s face or something that represents your relationship to them.

Instagram for wedding decorations: polaroid photo on a plate

Photo guestbook

Instead of shelling out for a photo booth at the wedding reception, gather together all those Instagram pictures and use them to accompany messages in the guestbook. Our stickers and Polaroid-style prints are both ideal for this.

instagram for wedding decorations: Photo guest books

Memory bunting

This sounds crazy, but bear with us here: piggybacking on the recent craze for organic/country wedding theme, we propose bunting with a little more bang. The happy couple can print all their selfies as Polaroid-style prints and peg them to vintage-style string with cute, tiny wooden pegs. For an even more intimate detail, you could even make this into a timeline, from first date to engagement so guests can see how the relationship blossomed.

instagram for wedding decorations: polaroid photos hanging on a clothes line

Blessing tree

This is similar to a guestbook, only more of a three dimensional centrepiece. Essentially, a blessing tree is a means for guests to give notes and blessings at family events, like weddings or baby showers. It’s becoming more and more fashionable for these to be homemade, or even for a real tree sapling to be used. To make this a bit more hipster, print those watershed moments as Instagram prints and have guests pick their favourite memory or snap and jot their messages on the back before hanging it. Tree-mendous! 

instagram for wedding decorations: blessing tree with messages

Now that those creative juices are flowing, it’s time to get out the ball of string, the Pritt Stick and the glitter glue, and start making up those decorations. To help out, we’ll point you in the direction of the Instagram prints page, and wait for our invite in the post. Also, we have compiled a list of 30 inspirational wedding Instagram account you need to be following.

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