Guiding guests with order of services

Guiding guests through the big day couldn’t be easier with a personalised order of service. With a range of unique paper stocks and finishes, order of services can be designed to complement any big day theme. Check out our range (including the new order of service booklet) and pick the right option for you below…

Order of service booklet

Also called multipage order of service, this new booklet style allows you to add pages for hymns, readings, menus and so much more, without having to compromise the design. If you’re out to impress guests and want to show off a wedding in all its glory, then this is the perfect order of service option.

Order of service card 

This wedding stationery does all the hard work as it guides the guests through the whole ceremony. Personal, intimate, simple and chic, an order of service in card format is a perfect memento of a happy couple’s day.

Folded order of service 

For a couple who want something for guests to open, folded order of services are an exquisite choice. With enough room for a little more detail, it’s the perfect balance between both booklets and cards.

Order of services are just one of 19 bespoke print products we offer from our wedding stationery suite. Find everything you need, including pieces to send out before, during and after the big day, all at your fingertips. Shop now:

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