Photographic paper: what you should know before you order

Photography printing can be a confusing flurry of paper coatings, finishes and textures, so how do you know you’re making the right choice for your shot? Read our guide and come out looking like a photography printing pro.

photography paper hahnemuhle photo rag pearl
Hahnemühle Photo Rag Pearl
If you’re partial to black and white photography, then this is the paper for you. Its unique pearl coating means that your shots have a low surface shine and great visibility in even strong lighting. Because it is 100% cotton, Photo Rag Pearl paper is incredibly long-lasting.

photography paper hahnemuhle german etching
Hahnemühle German Etching
Create a classic, soft finish to your photography with this thick, textured paper. Hahnemühle German Etching is very similar to watercolour paper, so you can recreate a traditional, artistic feel to the finished print. The uncoated, rough texture loves natural imagery and classical-style shots.

Photography pape paper hahnemuhle baryta fb.jpgr Ba

Hahnemühle Baryta FB
For reproductions with stunning, sharp colour, try Baryta FB paper. The ‘FB’ stands for ‘fibre-based’, so your image will have increased definition and its glossy, smooth finish will give all your printed shots a really high-end look. What more could you want?

photography paper hahnemuhle fine art pearl

Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl
This paper is the ultimate all-rounder: great for black and white shots but also good for bright colours. Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl is smoother and has a finer pearl coating than its rag pearl counterpart, but is just as thick.

photography paper epson premium luster photo paper

Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper
Perfect for portraits, Epson Premium Luster Photo Paper is everything you’d expect from a classic photo paper—it has a resin coated base for minimal surface shine and maximum ink coverage.

photography paper kodak photographic gloss paper

Kodak Photographic Gloss Paper
This is the glossiest, smoothest paper in our Photography Collection. It’s the paper of choice for heavily shadowed images because its high DMAX gives great depth. It is the most like standard, over the counter photo paper, so if you’re someone who prefers to order what they know, then this is for you.


Now you’re armed with new knowledge, head off and start shopping the Photography Collection for great gifts and professional looking client shots. Still not sure which paper is the one for you? Request one of our Photography Collection sample packs and get up close and personal with all the papers mentioned here.


01 Jan 2015 13:12
The German Etching paper looks fantastic!
simon loftus
06 Jan 2015 15:54
Very helpful post
Stuart Glegg
13 Jan 2015 15:56
Really useful, excited to try that photo rag pearl.
22 Apr 2016 13:08
I've used Hahnemühle for fine art giclee prints, it's superb :).

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