Greetings to new stocks

With pick ‘n’ mix papers and finishes, the sky really is your limit for creativity, and you can really make this product your own. Discover what paper stocks have just been added for greeting card greatness here! 


An exquisite choice for when white is just not enough, but gold is a little too much. Our cream stock is uncoated, so it’s texture is ideal for adding a touch of class and an understated, premium feel to print. Ink is also absorbed a little into the paper, giving a flat, soft look to your work. Ideal for gift tags, luxury business cards and wedding stationery, we wanted Greeting Cards to have a more uptown option, hence this stock’s launch. 


Recycled paper is a great all-rounder for every product, so it seemed silly not to include it as a stock option for Greeting Cards. Environmentally friendly, off-white and uncoated, recycled paper has a coarse texture with earthy, flecked depths. Because recycled is a more absorbent paper it gives print a flatter, modern feel.

Don’t forget, with foiling and laser cutting now available for greeting cards, you can give your designs that extra special luxury edge with paper cut elements or shiny foil accents. It’s never been easier to create cards for those close to you, or a large run for your entire client base. Shop Greeting Cards now:


How are you designing your Greeting Cards? Let us know by commenting below! 


28 Apr 2017 16:09
Do you have any samples of the recycled cards? I'd love to print my Christmas cards on it but would like to see it first.
29 Apr 2017 15:54
Glad to see recycled has joined the roster :)
01 May 2017 11:29
Finally Recycled paper for greeting cards! Can't wait to try this
Bryony Bishop
02 May 2017 13:44
Great to see recycled paper stocks in there!
04 May 2017 13:47
So glad you now have recycled papers! Well done Printed!
09 May 2017 16:37
I agree with everyone, great to see recycled option for greeting cards
Keziah Herbert
22 May 2017 12:06
Very interested in the foiling and laser cutting!
Couldn't find it in the card section though...Is it somewhere else?
Su Mwamba
01 Jun 2017 10:22
Awesome - always prefer the look of recycled print!

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