Competition: Name the newsletter to win free print

As grows, we love getting our customers as involved as possible; you are the ones we have to please after all!
Most of you should already receive our Newsletter, it’s normally chock a block full of all the latest news, new products, our customers and video. As we’re looking to tailor our newsletter more to your needs, we think a bit of a revamp is needed, starting with the name.

Get your creative caps on as our favourite entry will not only become the name of our newsletter but the winner will also receive a £20 voucher for

There are lots of ways you can enter, You can either leave your suggestion as a comment below, tweet us and use the hash tag #namethenewsletter or you can Instagram a picture of your suggestion by tagging @printedcom and using the #namethenewsletter hashtag.

Entries are now open and will be accepted until the 31st March with the winner being announced in April’s newsletter, which will be sent to more than 35,000 people!

Good luck everyone, we can’t wait to see your suggestions


David Baker
05 Mar 2013 12:35
Names for the newsletter:

First Impressions
05 Mar 2013 12:36
Printed Press

So cheesy sorry!
Aaron Mcwilliam
05 Mar 2013 13:55
Fresh Prints of "OHHH YEAAAH"!

That's my personal favourite that I can come up with

Either that or "Fresh Prints & no 'mares"...

Boredom in work also spurned the creation of:

Paper Capers
Divine Designs Delivered on Time
The Printer's Trust
Quick S-Print
Lighting S-Print
Print Hints
A Hint of print
After Dinner Prints
Mint Prints
No Sprinting Just Quick Printing!
King of the prints

Richard Lawley
05 Mar 2013 18:40
Newsletter name suggestion:

Printed Words

Ashleigh-Jayne O'Connell
05 Mar 2013 18:51
These are some great ideas, guys! Keep them coming.

Omotoke Olagbaju
05 Mar 2013 19:51
Print Junkies
Paper Plotters
Nancy Farmer
05 Mar 2013 21:18
News in Print
...possibly even Newsprint?

Printing Matters

Inky Depths

Words Work

...still thinking...
05 Mar 2013 21:43
The Press Gang

Re: Print

Moveable Type

Paper Clips

Paper Cuts

The Paper Round...
Nancy Farmer
05 Mar 2013 22:36
Press Express

Prints of Darkness
(for the satanic edition!)

...ok, I'll go now :-D
James Swanson
05 Mar 2013 23:52
Newsletter name:

'Fresh off the print'
Yasmin French
07 Mar 2013 00:40
"Smooth Finish"
"Splash of News"
nick anderson
07 Mar 2013 00:47


Ian Moss
08 Mar 2013 13:40
Not Printed
Becky Smith
08 Mar 2013 15:21
The Ink
Inky matters
Craig Eves
09 Mar 2013 00:21
darren maclean
10 Mar 2013 09:41
Newlsetter name:

Stephen Morgan
26 Mar 2013 13:54
blot spot (as in ink blot)

inkedin/inked-in (if you are feeling cheeky)

Orange Press or The Juice - 1 of your 5 a day

CMYK - 4 of your 5 a day

Leeanne Andrews
26 Mar 2013 14:02
Hot off the Printed Press

Printed Minted

A lasting imprinted

Printed Paparazzi
Leeanne Andrews
26 Mar 2013 14:12
Printed Press
Printed Newsflash
Printed Pazazz
Freshly Printed
Ziggy Rusin
26 Mar 2013 21:10
My proposals:




Full Fonty


27 Mar 2013 18:23 is brilliant print shop for all digital print!
Plus luxury cards makes it more exciting!
Shaniqua Lawrence
11 Feb 2014 09:24
Heres mine:

The Daily Print
Print Action
Print Addict
A Touch Of Colour
Colour Coded
Print Feed
Read Feed
Print Act
Print Alive
Print Bay
Ink It Up
Print Nation
A4ought for Ink

23 Mar 2014 14:47
Newsletter name suggestions:

>Let's Get Printed.
(or Let's Get
>Print&Paper Press

>The Lowdown
>Printed Out
>Print Its
> Paper Preachings
>Paperscription (s)
>Printscription (s)

Going to stop now or I'll be typing all afternoon like a lunatic. I might tweet you later! : )


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