8 examples of totally inappropriate typography

Typography: it can make or break a design and a business. You folks know your stuff when it comes to great design, so we thought we'd take the opportunity to create some terrible examples of typography for your amusement.


Getting ready for the big sleep

Funeral care business card 


 Shockingly good swimming lessons

swimming lessons business card


 The cutest, most lovliest builders you ever did hire

building supplies business card


 Sweeny Todd dog groomers

Dog groomers business card


Utterly smashing window cleaners

Window cleaner business card


 Keeping your child safe and sound

Childcare business card


 Kintergarten cleaners

Cleaning company business card


Slice and dice at the local surgery

Cosmetic surgeon business card


If this blog post ticked your funny bone, why not create some of your own typographical disasters and share them with us on Facebook or Twitter?


Peter Burch
04 Feb 2015 16:22
Some of them like the building care one aren't that bad. The swimming lessons is pick of the bunch for me!
David Brookes
04 Feb 2015 23:34
Ha ha.. Imagine if these were real
Sam Miller
05 Feb 2015 16:11
Ha ha! These made me laugh : D "Swimming Lessons" is my fav. Seriously though Emma – don't you have some sensible designing to do...
08 Feb 2015 02:29
Is it wrong that I kind of like Kindergarten Cleaners..?
Charlotte Barrett
09 Feb 2015 01:03
Love the cosmetic surgeon one!
Charlotte Barrett
09 Feb 2015 22:30
Swimming Lessons is the best!
Faye Trapnell
11 Feb 2015 19:36
Te he he I love a good typographical distaster. :) I rather like the builder one though.
Gemma Hotchkiss
18 Feb 2015 11:38
Hahaha I quite like the funeral one even though I know its completely inappropriate!
Stuart Glegg
20 Mar 2015 09:03
Good stuff. There's a computer shop in my home town called Special FX and their sign is a handpainted serif font. Makes me smile every time.
13 Oct 2015 18:35
LOL!!! These are hilarious, love them :D
27 Jan 2017 12:50
all great - really like cosmetic surgeon's card!

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