5 ways to use stickers to convey your brand identity

Branding is one of the most important aspects of any business, large or small. Effective branding will help give you an edge in increasingly competitive markets. Stickers are a low cost and highly effective tool when it comes to spreading your brand’s identity, which forms part of your brand’s image. We’ve come up with five great ways you can use stickers to spread your message far and wide:


1.     Forget SWOLK, make it SWALS

Even in the age of lightening fast emails and instant messaging every business still sends mail in one form or another. We know that branded envelopes can be a little costly, so here is our alternative: forget ‘SWOLK’ (Sealed with a loving kiss) make all your business stationery ‘SWALS’. What is ‘SWALS’ you ask? Well it’s sealed with a little sticker. Adding a sticker to the back of every envelope you post is a brilliant way of getting your brand on stationery. It also lets everyone know who the mail is from before it’s even opened.

2.     On your packaging

The key to great branding is consistency, so this little gem leads us from letters to packages. One of the last touch points of your brand is the customer receiving their product in the post. This means your packaging is the perfect place to leave a lasting impression on customers. It’s easily done with a few stickers on each package. Graphic designer and guest blogger Vicki recently wrote a wonderful post about how she brands her packaging. For more ideas on how to take this concept further why not check out her blog: A step by step guide to creating beautifully branded packaging.

3.     Pop a few in each packet

Have you ever glanced up at someone’s laptop to see a big apple staring back at you, then taken a second look and realised that it’s only a sticker? We certainly have. Those naughty little apple stickers get everywhere; we’ve even seen a few lingering around the offices. This is a perfect example of how sticking a few additional branded stickers in each products package can help spread your brand identity far and wide. Why not take a leaf out of Apple’s book and give it a go with your own brand?

4.     Create fun branded stickers for special occasions

Why not create some special edition stickers to spread the word about your brand? One way we did this at was to create seasonal, pun-filled Christmas stickers. You could do this for any number of special events from a holiday to a birthday or local event like a carnival or fete. It’s a great way to get your brand under customers' noses.

5.     On your finished product

Popping a sticker on your finished product reminds customers who the item came from originally. Here in our example, we’ve popped a sticker on the back of photo albums so that each time the album is closed the photographers branded sticker is right where you can see it. This encourages returning business. 


We hope this proves stickers can  be a cost effective way of getting your brand message across as a business.

How do you communicate your brand across to customers? Let us know by leaving a comment in the box below.



28 Aug 2014 14:50
Love the Round sticker!
28 Aug 2014 16:23
Like the idea of a sticker on outgoing mail.
Alex Wilkie
29 Aug 2014 13:13
I may have to delve into world of stickers
30 Aug 2014 09:33
I use them for address labels and use them to seal anything I send to customers :)
30 Aug 2014 09:50
Will you be able to order multiple designs on stickers anytime soon? That would definately make me order more.
Su Mwamba
30 Aug 2014 10:02
Stickers are definitely a great way of advertising on products & packaging, and everybody loves receiving stickers as a little freebie/promo, too. Good reminder - thanks!
melanie Green
10 Sep 2014 18:10
I just ordered mine! I use mine to personalise my parcels when I send them out and as seals on my gift wrapping as they look so pretty!

I love the idea of making Christmas stickers so I might be back to order more!
14 Sep 2014 18:45
Have ordered stickers from before, the client loved them and they were really happy with the packaging they were used on.
Stuart Glegg
09 Apr 2015 07:53
Stickers are a great way of branding up stock packaging for a short run or when starting up
29 Mar 2016 14:40
Particularly love the thought of adding a brand sticker to all my outgoing post :D

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