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5 things no folded leaflet can be with without

Leaflets, leaflets everywhere, but none that seem to stand out. The practice of using folded leaflets for self-promotion is as old as the hills, so how do you create an impactful design that’s going to work harder for you and get your business noticed?

Making sure your leaflets are carefully crafted using the most effective fonts, images, layout and content can be the difference between securing a new customer and money down the drain. Get your glasses on, sharpen your pencil and get ready to soak up some folded leaflet design tips.

Folded leaflets

Get psychological
Designing something eye-catching that also gets the message across isn’t easy. It’s almost like trying to pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time. However, as a design-savvy individual, you should be no stranger to some of the concepts here:

  • Colour psychology

Before you get started on your creative concept, you should ask yourself the following questions: who is reading your leaflet? What do you want them to feel when they’re reading it? This should help inform the colour palette you choose to work with—uplift people with yellows and oranges, impassion them with reds, chill them out with blues etc.

  • Typography

It might be your favourite font of the moment, but it is right for job at hand? Can it easily be read at a glance? Is it aligned with the messaging? Choosing the right font can really help you cement the ground work you put down with your colour palette, so choose wisely.

Don’t be a lay about, check your layout!

When you’re considering the layout of your folded leaflets, it’s a good idea to try and consider the journey you want to take the customer on. Much like single’s night at the local bar, if you come on too strong, you run the risk of scaring off the very person you wanted to attract.

Think about the kinds of benefits your reader will be looking for in your product or service, then try front-loading your leaflet with a brief overview of those benefits. The main body of the leaflet should contain more detail on the benefits and you can use the last page for maps, voucher codes or contact details to help seal the deal.

folded leaflets


Be content with your content
Print marketing usually goes one of two ways: details that are too brief to result in a successful customer conversion, or pages of waffle that no one will get through. The trick here is to be concise, but make sure all your main points get pride of place. Lead them in with a catchy headline and the clearly outline the main benefits.

Keep your sentences short and easy to read at a glance. Bullet points are a great way to get the message across quickly, but remember to keep them short and punchy. Try thinking about what you want the reader to do. Should they visit you? Come to the website? Make a booking? Whatever it is, make sure you get the message across as clearly as possible. Remember: it’s easier to clearly ask them to do one thing than five different things.

The proof is in the reading
The last thing you want after printing thousands of gorgeous, well-written leaflets,  is to discover one small, niggling error that ruins all your hard work. Things like that can hurt your reputation and make all your efforts seem rushed. Check it yourself, then pass it to someone else and— if you can—pass it to someone else again. It doesn’t hurt to be thorough!

folded leaflets

Quality print
This one’s a given! If you’ve followed all the steps above and really invested time in creating effective, eye-catching folded leaflets, then you’re going to want to source quality papers and print to finish the effect. We know someone that can hook you up—us! Better yet, you can now get larger quantities of folded leaflets for less thanks to a couple of new presses, so get stuck in!

Got any of your own tips for folded flyer printing? Pass your wisdom on by leaving a comment in the box below. If you think you’ve created the perfect flyer, share it using the #ProudlyPrinted hashtag.


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