The psychology of colour

You’ll never choose your palette without thinking again after listening to the latest Arrest All Mimics podcast. Illustrator and creator of the podcast Ben Tallon explains what his latest episode is all about:

 “Did you ever stop to think about how people perceive your brand, shop, artwork or look? For me personally, colour was always a way of conveying a mood, energy or method of instantly drawing a viewer into my artwork. But if I'm honest, I never truly stopped to consider the deeper psychological impact of colour. Whilst reading Malcolm Gladwell's Blink a few years ago, I was intrigued with a case study in the book. It informed me that 7up carried out a taste testing session as part of a rebrand. After adding 15% more yellow to the packaging, they found that the vast majority of subjects reported that the drink tasted more of lemon, when in fact, no change had been made. 

“So after a chance introduction to Justine Fox, a colour psychologist and professional colour consultant, I had to find out more. Justine explains why certain branches of high-street stores failures could be linked to the interior design colour palette, how we perceive and digest the colours in the world around us and why Facebook is blue! This is a mind bending insight into just how critical colour can be to creative success, how others perceive you professionally and the crazy science behind one of the most crucial aspects of any creative professional's practice.”


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13 Oct 2016 12:28
John Pelosi
13 Oct 2016 18:36
In designing kitchens & bathrooms, the psychology of colour plays a really important part, and it is a big part of our design process. It alays amazes me how tweaking colours (while keeping layouts the same) can have a HUGE impact on the end result of a design. From bright, vibrant "wake me up" bathroom to calm, relaxing spa feel - all by changing a few colours!

Of course changing texture can have a big impact too.

hen we came to rebrand, the colour of logo and related materials was really important for us to get right. The textures (of brochures, letterheads etc) is equally important to convey our core values of quality, precision and luxurious design. offers a great range of products to help us with this!
Keziah Herbert
17 Oct 2016 12:15
Colour choices make a massive difference! Thanks for sharing an interesting post
18 Oct 2016 09:30
liz lewis
18 Oct 2016 13:44
Colour definitely makes a difference.
25 Feb 2017 12:09
the impact of colours on our psche is fascinating
Bryony Bishop
24 Apr 2017 15:00
Such a fascinating listen!

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