Festival Weddings: how to design for a festival-themed wedding

Wedding stationery designs provided by Pretty Wild Design

The festival theme has become more popular with couples in recent years. Unlike country house, vintage and other classic wedding themes, the festival wedding has a certain easy charm that cannot be ignored. This is due to the differing types of festivals that are out there: rock, folk, jazz, and commercial or retro…the list goes on. Nothing is set in stone with a festive theme, which makes it so delightful to design for.  Want an ice cream van on your big day? A yurt? A hog roast? A live band? Morris dancers? Seesaws? Craft fair? Your guests to all wear onesies? None of them are considered strange at a festival-themed wedding! This translates well into stationery, as there are many ways in which you can reflect the chosen theme.

Wedding invitation design provided by Katy Clemmans

Firstly you have consider what exact theme your couple are going to be having. Is it a dance festival theme? Or maybe it leans more towards the vintage style of Woodstock? Both are quite rightly considered festivals but both conjure up completely different ideas of how the day will look, and so, where to go with your stationery. Therefore make sure to clarify exactly what direction they are taking their day into.

Wedding invitation design provided by Pretty Wild Design

Another great question to ask is whether they are having specific features on the day. For example, a London bus to drive the bride there? These little details will give you an understanding of how you can fine tune your stationery designs not to just match the colour and style theme but also match the couple’s personality.  

Wedding invitation design provided by Katy Clemmans

Here are a few ideas for different sort of festival themes:

Dance festival – This is a bright, buzzy event with lots of action and energy so why not turn the invites into festival tickets with bright colours and big, bold text that is laid out as the ticket details? Just opening the envelope will get the guests excited! Table plan? No problem, make it a festival poster with the table lists laid out as featured artists. How wouldn’t want to be a headliner on their big day?

Folk and country festival – This is chilled, creative and fun-loving so why not make table name cards on recycled paper with exciting bold circus text and use belly bands on linen napkins ? For invites, why not send them a postcard? Using images like Instagram prints can add to the decoration and stationery designs as well.

Woodstock festival – You know what I am talking about…VW vans, flowers in long flowing hair, crochet dresses and table cloths everywhere. Why not make your designs feature the iconic VW? Or feature the hair flowers? Lovely. 

Wedding drinks tokens design provided by Pretty Wild Design

So now I have inspired you, why not wonder over to the Wedding Collection to choose from a wide range selection of luxury papers and finishes to complete your wedding stationery requirements? After all, it was created with wedding stationers, especially for weddings. 



David Brookes
11 Feb 2014 10:14
Love festival themes, they are very popular with my customers
Adam Smith
11 Feb 2014 13:32
This is definitely a way to go, its much loved with our clients
Alex Wilkie
12 Feb 2014 08:36
its good to see how things expand over the years and it isnt just invitations and namecards
12 Feb 2014 11:47
Indeed, I love the festival theme, it's so fun and appeals to everyone. It's SO easy to go wrong with some of the more chic, classical designs which whilst simple are very precise in their construction so for those a bit looser with their ideas it's the one to go for!
14 Feb 2014 11:26
Drink tokens are a fab idea!
20 Feb 2014 15:16
Love the idea of a festival wedding - but would worry about the weather!
22 Oct 2015 08:36
The top designs follows on well from the previous blog, love this style ~ thanks for sharing :-)
Bryony Bishop
10 Oct 2017 14:38
Great article, my friend is having a festival themed wedding this year and i'll be sure to pass this on to her!

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