New product launch - envelope liners

You asked, and then you enquired, and then you queried, and a few of you may have even pestered (but in a very polite way), but it worked, and we're glad you persevered! Here they are...(drum roll please)

Envelope liners have landed at  

Created to slip snuggly into a selection of our most popular envelope sizes these lovely liners offer a fantastic way to add some extra flair and personalisation to your wedding invitations, event invitations and greetings cards

One of the most requested products in history, these liners are a quick way to give wedding stationery that coveted ‘wow’ factor. Print them in two sizes on a choice of 6 luxury papers and clash or match the rest of your stationery suite for a real statement in style.

Explore the new range now and discover a new way to make your next piece of stationery extra special. 

envelope liners for wedding invitations



01 Apr 2016 12:14
Having first requested envelope liners a long time a go I was very excited about this until I saw they're not available for C5 envelopes. All my wedding invitation designs are A5 size :(
01 Apr 2016 14:31
Are there samples available of these?
01 Apr 2016 15:17
Hi Vicki - thanks for commenting. We hope to expand the offering soon, we just have a few technical bits to work out first. So stay tuned!

Victoria (
01 Apr 2016 15:19
Hi Claire - not yet, but they'll be added into the wedding collection pack in the coming weeks. Thanks for commenting!

Victoria (
Sam Miller
01 Apr 2016 17:31
Hello print team,
Will you also be adding templates for these liners?
And, can you advise if they have an adhesive backing, or do they simply slot in?
Thanks, Sam
David Brookes-Lennon
04 Apr 2016 09:28
Very excited about these
04 Apr 2016 13:56
Beautiful envelopes, such a fantastic idea, especially if used with matching belly bands for wedding invites. Do you offer a discount if you order both items together?
05 Apr 2016 17:46
Hi Sam!

Yes we have layout templates ready to help you create your artwork. They're currently only available by clicking the 'Downloadable templates' link on the product page here but they will be added to the main Templates page shortly.

05 Apr 2016 18:04
Hello Francesca,

very glad you're happy with our new addition. We don't have any plans for a bundle yet but it could happen in the future, so stay tuned!

08 Apr 2016 11:12
I was so excited about these but not available in square envelope size yet! please please bring these in they'd be perfect for my cards! and to echo Sam are they adhesive or just slot in?
09 Apr 2016 00:02
Do they come prefolded or just creased?
10 Apr 2016 10:31
Perfect! I'm designing some wedding stationery at the moment. These will be great :)
12 Apr 2016 10:32
Hi Steph,

These currently come adhensive-free so you can just slot them neatly in to the envelopes. You can of course stick them in if you so desire, but pre-glued is not an option currently.


Su Mwamba
13 Apr 2016 19:50
Excellent - lots of possibilities here...!
20 Apr 2016 12:02
particularly lovely way of making wedding stationary extra special :)
02 May 2016 17:36
Please extend to A5 size too - Sadly, like Vicki, all of my stationery designs are on A5 so can't make use of these... :-(
05 May 2016 13:44
like these, nice addition
01 Jun 2016 22:33
Really like these, but desperate to see them in a C5 size.
15 Mar 2017 08:40
excellent for personalising stationery :)
Bryony Bishop
11 May 2017 08:29
I've ordered some of these and they're just beautiful - totally recommend

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