How to get the most out of your leaflets

With the rise of online marketing it can be easy to forget how effective offline marketing can be. However, leaflets and flyers are still some of the most effective forms of getting your message out to a large number of potential customers. We’ve even spoken about leaflets being marketing’s stealthy ninja in the past.

As we now offer litho leaflet and flyer printing options, we thought what better way to celebrate than with a handy guide to all the things you can do with these marketing must-haves?


1. Packaging leaflets

If your business is predominately online then it can be difficult to see why you may need to invest in leaflets and/or flyers. However, you could be missing a trick! Why not send out a leaflet detailing some of your offers and other products you sell, when shipping out a package? 
Including leaflets inside packaging is an excellent way to upsell to customers who may not know the full range of products and services you offer. Invest in a snazzy leaflet design template and simply add in new products and offers when you need to. 


 2. Menus and price lists

This type of leaflet is vital when it comes to businesses like restaurants, takeaway restaurants, beauty salons and hairdressers, to name a few. Don’t rely on customers finding out what you offer and your prices by calling up or looking online—ensure that they have something they can keep and refer back to. Litho leaflet and flyer printing is perfect for menus and price lists that can be handed out to potential and existing customers.



3. Marketing events
Leaflets are still some of the best ways to market all types of events, from charity auctions to club nights. The key to effective offline event marketing is in the leaflet design. You’re going to need to create something eye-catching that also includes all of the relevant details.
If design isn’t your forte, consider investing in a graphic designer who can do the job for you. It’s also a good idea to consider the paper and finishes for this kind of litho leaflet and flyer printing; you’re not going to need luxury paper for a club night leaflet, for example.




 4. Newsletters

We love the idea of using leaflets and flyers as mini newsletters that can keep existing customers in the loop about your business, whilst also enticing new customers. A monthly or quarterly newsletter doesn’t have to break the bank and is a far more personal form of marketing. With the number of email newsletters ending up in spam folders every day, why not step outside of the norm and send a printed newsletter instead? 



5. Door to door
Door to door is still one of the most effective forms of offline marketing as long as you get it right. The key to dropping through doors is incredible leaflet design. Most of us will throw away junk mail that looks boring, but every now and then something will catch our eye. It may be an incredible graphic, a well-shot photograph, a bright colour or even the typography. Get an inspiring and unique leaflet or flyer designed and door to door marketing has the power to work wonders.

There’s no denying that leaflets and flyers are still great marketing tools, as long as you know what to do with them. Invest in a great design and some high quality printing, then watch what this offline marketing method can do for your business.


Leanne Easdown
10 Apr 2015 14:57
Printed leaflets will always have their place, they can work brilliantly alongside a digital campaign.
Liz Jeary
10 Apr 2015 15:37
I'm in love with my matte laminated A6 flyers (and matching business cards)... so tactile and big enough to show off my work. My dear mother keeps a stock in her handbag and passes one to almost everyone she comes into contact with!
13 Apr 2015 01:41
Like the idea of leaflets as mini newsletters.
Simon Evans
13 Apr 2015 12:22
Thanks. Really useful advise
David Brookes
14 Apr 2015 00:35
Great ideas. I am going to start putting leaflets in with out packaging :-)
Emma Simpson
14 Apr 2015 13:23
Great ideas. I had some of these in the silk paper recently and they're a lovely quality. I'll definitely be getting more soon!
Stuart Glegg
16 Apr 2015 17:35
Print will never die, something physical will always have a place against something digital.
Su Mwamba
25 Apr 2015 09:27
Including a flyer or leaflet when sending out an order is always a great idea - just a 'gentle reminder' to entice the customer back! I love the idea of a newsletter-flyer - will be giving this some serious thought...
29 Mar 2016 15:10
Yes, the mini newsletter in particular is a terrific idea :)
tony kelly
20 Aug 2017 18:44
exelent blog/article and really useful information for me and my customers

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