How to design Tent Fold Greeting Cards?

Here are some simple steps to help you design great Tent Fold Greeting Cards with not one, but two quick and easy guides, plus plenty of templates to use!



Method 1 – Single Pages

All pages should be supplied as four single pages in the correct order, as per the image above.

Start with the front cover, then inside front, inside back (where the message is normally wrote) and lastly the back cover.

They all should be the right way around (i.e. not upside down), which is what we call ‘right reading.’


Method 2 - Spreads

Spreads are where the inner and outer pages are joined together to form a single page, as per a final printed piece.

This is shown by the dotted line which separates your two pieces of artwork in the image above.

Please supply your artwork in the following order – Back cover, Front cover, inside front, inside back.

The only part of your design or artwork that needs to be rotated, to be upside down, is the text or image on the back cover, which is the first piece of artwork.



To help you create a Tent Fold Greeting Card design, please use one of the following templates depending on the size of your intended card:

DL Landscape

A5 Landscape

A6 Landscape

148 x 148 


We hope this helps! You can shop Tent Fold Greeting Cards, as well as Long Edge and Short Edge Greeting Cards here:

If you have any questions about artwork, your designs and Greeting Cards in general, our Customer Service team are available to help via live chat and email: Or you can call us Mon-Fri, 8.30am to 6.30pm on 0800 840 1430




13 Sep 2017 20:00
your templates and tutorials are always excellent, very easy to follow.
18 Sep 2017 10:42
Thank you for the walk-through. I normally get mine printed the other way so will have to try it.
Bryony Bishop
20 Sep 2017 08:41
I love that you provide templates to work from. It completely takes the guesswork out of how the end product looks
Kate Vaks
20 Sep 2017 20:20
Love this, thanks, handy for Christmas
19 Oct 2017 13:13
So grateful for all your templates, always saves a bit of work. I have taken them and produced my own along with guidelines and notes that help me.

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