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Bag yourself £20 of free print with Refer A Friend!

If you work in the design and print industry, the chances are that you have colleagues, acquaintances and friends who all print too. That’s why we launched our Refer A Friend scheme, so you can spread the word and earn!


Here’s how to earn £20 worth of free print in three easy steps….


Step 1:

Refer your friends via email or social – with 20% their next order

Step 2:

When your friend orders over £35 worth of print, you’ll receive 2,000 Printed Points – worth £20

Step 3:

Earn 200 points on every order they place for a whole year!

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Don’t just take our word for it though…. Take a look at how the refer a friend scheme has worked for a couple of our customers:


Lauren Parker:

Why do you use, Lauren?

I am a graphic designer and illustrator, and am now selling my work in stores internationally. I originally started using due to their great range in papers, which I couldn’t find anywhere else, and have been so impressed with how my cards have turned out every time.


Refer a Friend: Bag yourself £20 of Free Print at

Image credit: Lauren Parker


How do you use your Printed Points?

The Reward Programme is such a fantastic idea. It’s been really helpful for me as I have been able to get some free print at times when I may not have been able to afford it. It’s great to feel like you’re getting a little something back – even if it’s just a few points, they add up and can really go a long way.


Why do you use the new refer a friend scheme?

I can’t recommend enough – I’ve been able to do some really great things with my products and it’s helped me get where I am today. So now being able to gain printed points from recommending them is just another added bonus!


Charlotte Vallance

Why do you use, Charlotte?

I’m an illustrator and screen printer based in London and Bucks. I work on personal projects for products to sell at markets and in my online shops. Alongside this I also do freelance illustration for individual clients, as well as bigger companies. I like the contrast of screen printing and watercolours for illustration.  One is possible to do anywhere at anytime, and the other takes quite a bit of planning! I use to reproduce my watercolour illustrations on cards and as digital prints.  Being able to do this keeps my work affordable for my lovely customers!


Refer a Friend: Bag yourself £20 of Free Print at

Image credit: Charlotte Vallance


Why do you recommend to your friends?

I like to use as I find the customer service is brilliant and I love the quality of the print I get when using the ‘Gesso’ paper stock. It has a lovely textured feel to it, almost mimicking the actual watercolour paper the original was painted on.  These are the points that I mention when I recommend This puts people’s minds at ease if they’re a bit unsure on how to proceed with the whole process. Knowing that someone will be understanding and helpful if the customer need to ring up is really reassuring!


What do you do with your Printed Points?

At the moment I’m saving up my points so I can have some fun printing my new designs. Having the support of a bit of money off the cost makes it less scary to commit those illustrations to print.


So if you want to bag yourself £20 of free print why not refer a friend today!

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